Edwina Williams earns the 2024 Regina Stanback Stroud Diversity Award

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MiraCosta College part-time faculty Edwina Williams earns the 2024 Regina Stanback Stroud Diversity Award. The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges generously sponsors this accolade for California Community Colleges. It celebrates faculty members who significantly contribute to fostering intercultural harmony, equity, and diversity across their campuses.

Edwina Williams has exemplified unparalleled dedication to creating an inclusive, supportive campus climate that nurtures learning and growth among the most diverse student populations in the nation. Her efforts extend beyond the classroom, focusing on developing safe spaces for conversation, diversity training, and amplifying voices from historically underrepresented communities.

In her first year of teaching, Williams organized a campus-wide Dia de los Muertos event, successfully bringing together student clubs and the community to address vital social justice issues through engagement and education. This event symbolizes her commitment to using education as a platform for social change, drawing on narratives and storytelling to highlight the impacts of societal inequities.

Williams has been at the forefront of incorporating evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, emphasizing service learning. Through her initiative, over 700 students have contributed more than 7,500 volunteer hours to local communities, demonstrating the profound impact of integrating academic learning with community service.

Williams has also championed improving student access, retention, and success. Notably, she initiated participation in the Learning-Aligned Employment Program, providing invaluable work-study opportunities that align with students’ academic and career aspirations. Her grant writing skills have further enabled the creation of scholarships and support services that address the holistic needs of students, ensuring they can pursue their educational goals without undue barriers.

Engaging students in campus life, especially through the challenges of the pandemic, Williams has leveraged technology and innovative programming to maintain and enhance student involvement. Her leadership in securing a significant grant for a health literacy initiative exemplifies her dedication to enriching students' educational and personal lives beyond the classroom.

Williams’ work not only honors the spirit of the Regina Stanback Stroud Diversity Award but also sets a benchmark for commitment to educational excellence and social justice. Williams will be honored at the 2024 Spring Plenary Session, where her achievements will be celebrated among peers, students, and the community. This recognition underscores the ASCCC’s commitment to supporting educators who are making a difference in the lives of California’s community college students.

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