Administration, Faculty & Staff Directory

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Abbas, RimaAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  9 
Abbas, SamAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Abbott-Enz, Pamela Associate Faculty - Psychology Online None 
Abondanza, Lisette Instructor - English as a Second Language CLC Noncredit ESL22 
Accomando, JohnAssociate Faculty - Italian  8B 
Acero, ManuelInterim Academic Records Evaluator - Admissions & Records8712CLC22Spanish
Aceves, LuisCustodian6232OC42000 
Aceves, LuisCampus Aide III - Financial Aid OCN3A 
Acosta, MirnaInterim Accounting Specialist - Community Education6592TCI53TCI 
Acosta-Sanchez, GracielaFinancial Aid Technician6478OC30333A 
Adams, DianeArt Gallery Director6657OC34005A 
Adams, DianeAssociate Faculty - Art6657 5A 
Adkins, DhyanaAssociate Faculty - Drama  8B 
Adler, DebbyAdministrative Assistant to the Dean - Academic Senate6873OC46058C 
Aguilar, BeatrizDirector, Noncredit and Adult Education Program - CLC8717CLC12422 
Aguilar, JohannaGEAR UP Aide III - GEAR UP    
Agustin, MalaenaCampus Aide III - Instructional and Library Services OCN  
Al Joubi, AdnanApprentice III - STEM Learning Center    
Alaoen, AlexCampus Aide I - Honors OCN  
Albay, JonathanAssociate Faculty - Biotechnology  8B 
Alessi, AnnaAssociate Faculty - English  8B 
Alfattal, EyadAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Alford, ChandlerAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies  8B 
Ali, ShafinFaculty - Economics6467OCT220-082 
Alimadadi, HamiInstructional Aide - Noncredit ESL9710CLC22 
Alizada, FarhondaAssistive Technology Assistant - Student Accessibility Services (SAS) OCN  
Allanmeyer (Hudnutt), KitAssociate Faculty - Career Studies/Cooperative Work Experience  8B 
Allen, AnitaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit General  22 
Allen, CoryAssociate Faculty - Business    
Allen, Jeffrey Associate Faculty - Computer Studies and Information Technology (CSIT) CLC8B 
Allen, SherriAssociate Faculty - Noncredit General  22 
Allison, MeganFaculty - Horticulture6838OC705819 
Allyn, RobinAssociate Faculty - Sociology  8B 
Almond, JoshuaAssociate Faculty - Art OCN5A 
Aloka, MarkAssociate Faculty - Computer Science  17A 
Alvarado, GiancarlosAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Alvarado, RosaOperations Supervisor - Admissions and Student Support6621OC332910A 
Alvarez, BerthaOperations Supervisor, STEMLC Math - The Learning Centers6381OC10689 
Alvarez, DanielAssociate Faculty - Business OCN8B 
Alves, TimManager, Counseling Services6275OC371810C 
Alvi, RidaAssociate Faculty - Automotive Technology  8B 
Alvo, AndrewOperations Supervisor, ASI - The Learning Centers6344OC10689 
Andersen, AdrianInstructional Associate - Dance6235OC27005C 
Andersen, AndreAssociate Faculty - CSIT  8B 
Andersen, BryonInstructional Associate - Theatre6628OC20005A 
Anderson, Alexandria (Aj)Associate Faculty - Communication Studies  8B 
Anderson, Charles BrentCLC Maintenance Technician CLC  
Anderson, MiriamInterim Accountant I - Fiscal Services6496OCT601-F6 
Anderson, ShaneAssociate Faculty - Sociology  None 
Anderson, TerezAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies  8B 
Angelica , PorrasClinical Case Manager: Health Services  None 
Anjangha, JuliusAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Ansari, AmberFinancial Aid Technician6325OC30043A 
Ante-Contreras, DanielHonors Program Coordinator - English, Transfer6489OC36141 
Antonio Rios, IsmariceliGEARUP Coordinator - Office of Student Services    
Apalatea, JaneenFaculty - Mathematics7731SAN51117A 
Aparicio, MiguelCustodian6232OC42000 
Apatan, LeahAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Apegian, DianeAssociate Faculty - Psychology  22 
Aragon, AnaAdministrative Assistant to the Dean, Instructional Services2186OC1221011Spanish
Araya, ChristinaAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Arce, CindyInterim Program Manager - Academic Success & Equity6276OC370510C 
Arce, MichaelAssociate Faculty - Sociology  8B 
Arenivar, SamFaculty - Communication Studies7727SAN60417A 
Arevalo, LucianoLead Custodian, San Elijo7718SAN70017A 
Arevalos, ArturoAssociate Faculty - History  17A 
Arey, DanLead Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Assistant6756OC42000 
Arguello, MargiBox Office Cashier - Cashiering Services6815OC20005A 
Ariadne, PatriciaAssociate Faculty - Psychology  17A 
Arnaud, DanieleAssociate Faculty - French1243 8B 
Arquero, KristineFaculty - Chemistry6411OC45021 
Arriola, KyleFaculty-Chemistry  OC45191 
Arzu, CecilCustodian1215OC42000 
Ashlyn, JahnaAssociate Faculty - Psychology  17A 
Askerneese, AdreanFaculty - Counseling2375OCT55910C 
Assaderaghi, FarhadAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Astarita, AliceAssociate Faculty - Italian  17A 
Astorga, BrayanInterim Student Services Coordinator - Student Equity6203OCT305D10C 
Astredo, BrianFoundation Specialist6645OC10507 
Augustine, BenjaminCollege Health Nurse7772SAN 92117A 
Austin, ReneeTemporary Accounting Technician6749OCT601-F6 
Ayala-Swindell, IrisAssociate Faculty - Career Studies & Services OCN8A 
Azizi, DuniaSupport Assistant - Noncredit Adult Education     
Babbitt, LoriAdministrative Assistant to the Dean, Math & Sciences6215OC36001 
Babbitt, PaigeInterim Financial Aid Advisor - Financial Aid6937OC30263A 
Baca, MargaritaAssociate Faculty - Spanish  8B 
Bacaycay, BrydonAssistive Technology Assistant-SAS6233OC30073B 
Baes-Erbs, HelainaPerforming Arts Technician - Music6454OCN5B 
Baeza, KimberliCashier II - Cashiering Services    
Baggett, AngelaAssociate Faculty - Film  8B 
Bailey, BrandonInterim Technology Services Analyst - ITS, Technology Support Services2212OC12119A & SAN11511A 
Bailey, SuzieFaculty - Biological Science6562OC45201 
Bairstow, Ingrid Associate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Baker, TroyAssociate Faculty - Kinesiology  8B 
Balandran Ortega, Carlos UlisesInstructional Aide - Community Learning Center    
Balcazar, YeseniaFaculty Director, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)6681OC30183BSpanish
Baldivez, PhillipMedia Services Assistant6743OC12119B11A 
Bale, VeronicaAssociate Faculty - History  8B 
Ballestero, LeeAssociate Faculty - Political Science Online8B 
Baniqued, LeoCustodian6232OC42000 
Banks, CarlLearning Coach, STEM Center6388OC10689 
Banks, JdInterim Student Services Specialist - Student Life & Leadership6280OC345112A 
Baracco, PaolaAssociate Faculty - International Languages    
Barber, JordanInstructional Associate - Technology Support Services6319OC1223511A 
Barbiani, DianaProgram Advisor-Small Business Development Center SAN80417A 
Barden, RitaAssociate Faculty - Pharmacology  8B 
Barkley, LeslieAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Barnett, DanielleAssociate Faculty - Psychology  8B 
Barnett, Shannon Associate Faculty - Nursing OC8B 
Barragan, AimeeAdministrative Assistant to the Dean of Nursing, Health and Wellness6796OC510027 
Barrett, RachaelAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Barroso, GustavoPolice Office  OCN  
Basile, TammyAssociate Faculty - Nutrition  8B 
Batongmalaque, MarkAssociate Faculty - NonCredit  22 
Batterson, BarbaraAssociate Faculty - Geography  8B 
Bautista, ElizabethGallery Assistant, Kruglak Gallery6657OC34195A 
Bautista, FranStudent Services Specialist, Student Equity/LGBTQIA+6236OCT305C10C 
Bautista, RexAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Bazan, CynthiaLearning Coach, Writing Center - The Learning Centers    
Bean, GregoryAssociate Faculty - Noncredit General  22 
Beas, GabyStudent Services Specialist, School Relations & Diversity Outreach6396OC343412ASpanish
Beaudry, AllisonInstructional Assistant - Art6816 5A 
Bebout, KristinAdministrative Assistant to the Dean, Career & Technical Education6577OC47058A 
Beck, SaraAssociate Faculty - Physical Science/Oceanography  8B 
Behling, ErinAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Behrouzian, GolnooshResearch Analyst, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness6259OC10627 
Bell, DawnAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Beltran-Aguilar, AngelaFaculty - Mathematics6540OC36211 
Benard, DanielleAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  None 
Bender, GaryAssociate Faculty - Horticulture  8B 
Bender, JaqueAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Bennett, AndrewAssociate Faculty - Athletics6964 15 
Bennett, DeborahAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Benschop, JoanneArticulation Officer6881OCT55013 
Benson, HeidiAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Berger, LisaAssociate Faculty - Drama  5A 
Bergmanis, EricAssociate Faculty - Physical Sciences  8B 
Bermudez, MorellaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Bernabe, DavidAssociate Faculty - CS  8B 
Berrien, MarkusFaculty - Counseling OC372010C 
Berry, LindaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Bertens, MattAssociate Faculty - Mathematics  8B 
Bertrand, KianaAssociate Faculty - Psyc  8B 
Betbadal, MelaniInstructional Computer Lab Assistant-ITS6519/7760OC/SAN (Open Lab)11A 
Bettencourt, AlishaAssociate Faculty - Psychology  17A 
Bever, DanielleAssociate Faculty - Biology  17A 
Bezzant, ColeCareer Studies & Services Specialist, Adult Education8781CLC12922 
Birch, MonikaAssociate Faculty - Letters, Pre-Transfer  8B 
Bischel, CarolineBusiness Systems Analyst6985OC331014 
Bishop, AdamAssociate Faculty - English  8B 
Bishop, EricFaculty - Theatre & Film6449OC20095A 
Blackmon, LyleAssociate Faculty - Hospitality  8B 
Bland, SaritaAssociate Faculty - Career Studies6772 17A 
Blevins, DarielleAssociate Faculty - Child Development  8B 
Blevins, LorettaAssociate Faculty - Child Development  8B 
Bloss, VeronicaFaculty, EOPS/CARE Counseling6335OC30203B 
Blunt, TravisPolice Community Service Officer1379OC110023 
Blunt, TravisAssociate Faculty - Sociology  23 
Boatwright, LorieInterim Human Resources Technician6357OC1004B14 
Bobrinskoy, GregAssociate Faculty - History  8B 
Boehm, ChrisInstructional Associate - Design Drafting6523OC45338C 
Boland, PhillipFaculty - Film2133OC22065B 
Bolanos, TheresaFaculty - Chemistry6914OCT260-052 
Boles, AngelenaExecutive Assistant to the Vice President, Student Services6895OC330010A 
Bollerud, JosieFinancial Aid Technician - Financial Aid7762OC303117B 
Bollerud, JulieExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent/President6610OC10457 
Bollerud, LindseyAcademic Records Evaluator7769SAN110617B 
Bond, RobertFaculty - History7714SAN51017A 
Bonds, DavidFaculty - Mathematics6497OCT3151 
Bookman, BitaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Boone, DevonCARE Manager6480OC344212A 
Boraz, KatharineAssociate Faculty - English  8B 
Borger, KurtInterim Fixed Assets & Admin. Services Specialist6666OC610020 
Borillo, ChristineAssociate Faculty - Nursing  None 
Borja, ElianaFood Services Manager6886OC340012A 
Boskin-Mullen, NancyAssociate Faculty - Dance  5A 
Boss, BobAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Boundin, FrolAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Bourdages, JolineAssociate Faculty - Psychology  8B 
Bourne, MoniqueSenior Science Lab Associate - Biology6324OC45211 
Boynton, Brian "BB"Interim Purchasing Supervisor - Purchasing6792OCT60020 
Bradford, TylerAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  None 
Bradley, Jeffrey "Craig"Associate Faculty - Philosophy  8B 
Bradley, PamelaAssociate Faculty - Drama  5A 
Bradner, ShaneAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Brady, ElizabethAssociate Faculty - Biotechnology  8B 
Braman, JayneAssociate Faculty - English  8B 
Brault, GerilynAssociate Faculty - Film  5A 
Breckon, JerryAssociate Faculty - Political Science  8B 
Bretado, ChendoAdministrative Support Assistant III, SAS6658OC30073B 
Brewster, MicheleAssociate Faculty - Philosophy  8B 
Brewster, MicheleAssociate Faculty - History  8B 
Bridandi, ConnorLearning Coach - The Learning Centers, ASI    
Brooking, KellyAcademic Division Administrative Assistant-San Elijo Campus7879SAN111817A 
Brooks, KaitlinAssociate Faculty - Communication  8B 
Brown, AbigailAssociate Faculty - Math  None 
Brown, CherylAssociate Faculty - Business Online17A 
Brown, CherylDirector, SBDC8790SAN80217A 
Brown, DailynAssociate Faculty - ACE/ESL  8B 
Brown, DanielAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies  8B 
Brown, DebbraAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  None 
Brown, ErikaAdmissions & Records Specialist, CLC8713CLC22 
Brown, EvaInterim Human Resources Analyst - Human Resources6978OC101114 
Brown, Karen LynnAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Brown, RajanAssociate Faculty - Horticulture  8B 
Brown, TonySenior Science Laboratory Associate6536OC45081 
Brown, ValerieAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Brownell, DouglasAssociate Faculty - Physics  8B 
Browning, HeatherTechnology Support Services Coordinator - ITS Technology Support Services2158OC1223311A 
Bruni, CoralAssociate Faculty - Psychology  8B 
Bryant, GabrielaAssociate Faculty - Accounting1382 17A 
Bucio, MariaAdministrative Support Assistant II, Noncredit Adult Education8773CLC22 
Buckley, MichaelAssociate Faculty-English  No Mail Station 
Buffington, Deborah Physical Sciences Associate Faculty OCN8B 
Bulis, RyanAssociate Faculty - Art  5A 
Burciaga, DanielBuilding Maintenance Mech. II6351OC4217ENone 
Burd, AbbyMental Health Counselor6675OC332610B 
Burg, MichaelAssociate Faculty - Biology  8B 
Burke, Darlene MaryAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Burman, TonyFaculty - English7737SAN60817A 
Burns, LarryFaculty, EOPS Counseling6505OC30003B 
Burns, LisaAssociate Faculty - Business1403 8B 
Burns, SarahAssociate Faculty - English  8B 
Burrola, ChristineHuman Resources Analyst6475OCT220-0614 
Burroughs, ChristopherAssociate Faculty - Horticulture OCN8B 
Busken, TimAssociate Faculty - Mathematics  8B 
Butenko, AntonAssociate Faculty - Mathematics  8B 
Buyanin, AlexAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Byrd, LaurieAssociate Faculty - Athletics6246 15 
Byrnes, CarmelaAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  None 
Byrom, BradleyFaculty - History6347OCT270-142 
Byron, MichaelAssociate Faculty - Political Science  8B 
Cabrera, Juan MiguelAssociation Faculty Art  5A 
Cacciaguida, AndrewAssociate Faculty - Biology  8B 
Caetano Lopes de Almeida, AdrianaAssociate Faculty - CS  8B 
Calderon-Ferrino, AlexisAssociate Faculty - Counseling  10C 
Caligiuri, DylanAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Camacho, TaelaniAssociate Faculty - Sociology OCN8B 
Camarillo Gomez, SiclaliInstructional Aide - Community Learning Center    
Campuzano, MichelleAssociate Faculty - Career Studies  8A 
Canaletti, Paul Associate Faculty - Drama  5A 
Canseco, OmarGEAR UP Site Coordinator - GEAR UP  13 
Cantu, JuliaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Capilla Murrillo, FernyECE Instructional Specialist, Child Development6656OC800016 
Cardenas, Carissa MarieAssociate Faculty - Counseling  10C 
Cardenas, LuceroInstructional Assistant - International Languages7721SAN50917ASpanish
Carey, GianaFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6447OC513427 
Cargile, LoriProgram Supervisor, Community Ed. & Workforce Development6590OCT51013 
Carino, JennaAssociate Faculty - Theatre  5A 
Carlsson, CeciliaAdministrative Assistant to the Dean - The Learning Centers6385OC10241024Spanish, Portuguese
Caro, FrancisAssociate Faculty - Psychology  8B 
Carpenter, SarahProgram ManagerAcademic & Career Pathways6905T230-06T230 
Carpenter, SheilaECE Instructional Specialist, Child Development6375OC800016 
Carr, EugeneAssociate Faculty - Drama  5A 
Carr, FredericaAssociate Faculty - Economics  8B 
Carr, ShanaAssociate Faculty - Business Online  
Carrion-Gonzalez, LuisAssociate Faculty - NCABE  22 
Carrizosa, CarlosInterim Police Sergeant6640OC110023 
Carrubba, JoanneAssociate Faculty - Art  17A 
Carruthers, MattMusic Sound Engineer6283OC22235B 
Carslake, Jasibe Associate Faculty - Spanish  8B 
Carstensen, EricFaculty - Accounting6556OC481221 
Carter, SashaAssociate Faculty - Earth Science  8B 
Carter, TerryAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Carter, Tiffany Community Education Instructor TCI  
Cassoni, RickAssociate Faculty - CSIT  8B 
Castillejos, JuanAssociate Faculty - Mathematics OCN17A 
Castillejos, JuanMath Learning Coach, MLC6381OC12009 
Castillo III, LanierAssociate Faculty - Computer Science  8B 
Castillo, MiguelPolice Support Assistant II, College Police6640OC110023 
Castillo, ScottyAssociate Faculty - Computer Science  8B 
Cavallini, Amelia Associate Faculty - Spanish  8B 
Cavan, DonaldAssociate Faculty - Geography  8B 
Cavo, GretaAdministrative Support Assistant III - Admissions & Records  10A 
Cavo, KseniaInterim Administrative Support Assistant III - Student Life & Leadership6198OCN12A 
Celly, BhriguAssociate Faculty - Computer Science  8B 
Cemo, JamesAssociate Faculty-Political Science  8B 
Cen, HenryAssociate Faculty - Biology  8B 
Cerda, Daniel CARE Outreach Aide  None 
Cerruti, StephenAssociate Faculty - Computer Science OCN8B 
Cervantes, SethAssociate Faculty - NonCredit ESL CLC  
Cervantes, SugeilyInterim Student Services Coordinator, Financial Aid Outreach6323OC30043A 
Cezo, KatharineAssociate Faculty - Physical Sciences OnlineNone 
Chalker, NewtonAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Chambers, MarcellusAssistant Coach, Men's Basketball6242OC500015 
Chan, KeithAssociate Faculty - Anthropology  8B 
Chang, Wan-ChinAssociate Faculty - Music1329 5B 
Chantrill, ChristinaAssociate Faculty - Mathematics / Apprentice - The Learning Centers, STEM  8B 
Chap, SokheaBusiness Systems Analyst, Financial Aid6902OC30333A 
Chapeton-Lamas, NeryFaculty - Computer Science6906OC36178CSpanish
Chapman, AmyAdministrative Support Assistant II-SBDC2102SAN80017A 
Chardi, JamesVideographer6582OC120311A 
Charnholm, LisaAssociate Faculty - Mathematics  8B 
Chase, MatthewAssociate Faculty - Library6716OC12001200 
Chatham, Burcu Associate Faculty - Noncredit ESL CLC22 
Chavez, CarisaProgram Supervisor, Community Ed. & Workforce Development6528TIC29TCI 
Chavez, FrancesInterim Financial Aid Assistant6386OC30043A 
Chavez, IraizStudent Worker - Admissions & Records    
Chavira, Chelsea-VerdinAdministrative Assistant to the Dean - IDEA  14 
Chiaramonte, GiuseppeAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL, CLC CLC22-100 
Chirra, JosephAssociate Faculty - Political Science  8B 
Choi, HalimNon Credit ESL  22 
Choi, MinFaculty - Media Arts & Technologies6394OC46208C 
Chong, EdwardAssociate Faculty - ESL, NC    
Christopher, RandallAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Chu, RobertProject Manager, Regional Center of Excellence1370SAN81117A 
Clarke, ElizabethInstructor - Noncredit ESL8702CLC22 
Clarke, PaulFaculty - Drafting 6405OC45368C 
Cleveland, KarlFaculty - Media Arts & Technologies6365OC46208C 
Clifton, JamesResearch Analyst, Career Education6504OC10627 
Cluff, LeahFaculty - Art6934OC21115B 
Coats, KristineAssociate Faculty - Adult High School  22 
Coe, WilliamAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Cohen, RodgirAssociate Faculty - Political Science OCN8B 
Cohn-Geltner, Henry Associate Faculty, Counseling: SAS OC3B 
Cojocaru, AlexanderApprentice III - The Learning Centers, ASI    
Cole, JonathanAssociate Faculty - Physics  None 
Cole, LeslieCommunity Education Aide6330TCI38TCI 
Cole, TraciDirector, SoCal VBOC2103SAN80017A 
Collins, LaneyFaculty - Counseling6564OC510710C 
Collins, MelissaAssociate Faculty - Film1218 8B 
Conahan, PatrickAthletic Director6242OC520715 
Concors, SuzanneAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Condron, ChristopherAssociate Faculty - Business    
Conley, DeWayneMail Carrier, Purchasing6543OCT60020 
Conley, JohnAssociate Faculty - Geography  8B 
Connell, ChristinaAssociate Faculty - Biology  8B 
Conner, ChrisAssociate Faculty - Sociology  8B 
Conrey, MelissaAssociate Faculty - Health  8B 
Contreras, CesarAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Contreras, JulianAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Contu, RiccardoAssociate Faculty - Biotechnology OCN8B 
Coobatis, ChristyFaculty - Music6703OC22205B 
Cooke, SunnySuperintendent/President6610OC10437 
Cooper, DanielAssociate Faculty - Geography OCN8B 
Cooper, JermaneLearning Coach, Writing Center - The Learning Centers    
Cooperman, ChristineAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Corbett, EricWeb Applications Developer6848OC1224811A 
Cord, JulieFaculty - AHSDP Social Science8726CLC22 
Cordero, KarlaAssociate Faculty - English  17A 
Cordova, SandraInstructional Aide - ESL9710CLC22 
Corey, AmyAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies  8B 
Corkidi-Cherbowsky, LeaAssociate Faculty - Biological Sciences SAN17A 
Corley, JessicaAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health    
Corley, SusanAdministrative Assistant to the Dean - San Elijo Campus7876SAN114117A 
Cornaggia, DanInstructional Assistant - Art6432OC21065A 
Coronado, Amena Faculty-Philosophy2154OC36182 
Coronado, CurtisAssociate Faculty - Psychology  8B 
Cortez, SamuelAssociate Faculty - Geography  None 
Cory, MaryAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL  22 
Cota, LukeAssociate Faculty - Physics  17A 
Cotnoir, LeighFaculty - Media Arts & Techologies6451OC46218C 
Cottam, JulieAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Cotter, AlisonInterim Student Services Coordinator, Scholarships6591OC30313A 
Coull, MariannAssociate Faculty - Economics  8B 
Courtois, CedrickAssociate Faculty - MTEC  5B 
Coutts, KimberlyResearch Analyst, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness6845OC10537 
Cox, MollieAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Craig, RebeccaAssociate Faculty - Psychology  8B 
Crast, JustinRisk & Safety Manager6866OC10146 
Cratty, WilliamAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Crawley, AdamAssociate Faculty - Philosophy  None 
Cruz, BrendaInterim Assistant Business Systems Analyst - Admissions & Records6624OC333010A 
Cruz, FranceMarketing & Communications Coordinator, Public Information Office6857OC10577Tagalog
Cruz, FreddyIntern - Transfer Center, Counseling OCN, Online  
Cruz, RaulAssociate Faculty - Dance  5A 
Cueva, JazminAdministrative Support Assistant II - Career Studies and Services6617OCN8A 
Cullen, HanleyAssociate Faculty - NURS  No Mail Station 
Cummins, DonneyTransfer Center Specialist - Transfer Center6908OC370010C 
Curtiss, WendyAssociate Faculty - Psychology  2 
Dagher, Mohamad "Mo"Associate Faculty-Design  8B 
Dahle, MomoyoMath Learning Coach-MLC8843CLC14822 
Dalton, Olivia Associate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Dalton, RemiAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Daniels, BrittanyAssociate Faculty - NonCredit, General  3B 
Daniels, EricCustodial Maintenance Worker-Facilities1207OC42000 
Daniels, MichaelAssociate Faculty-Business1302 8B 
dara, -Faculty-English6428OC36221 
Darlington, CynthiaAssociate Faculty - Business  8B 
Davis, AshleyFaculty-Child Development2149OC 705719 
Davis, Ashley (McConnell)Associate Faculty-Dance  5A 
Davis, DariaAdministrative Assistant to the Dean-Career Education6811OC705419 
Davis, DonnaFaculty-Director, Career Center6576OC47148A 
Davis, John "Randy"Associate Faculty-English  8B 
Davis, SeanFaculty-Sociology7713SAN51311 
Davis, VincentAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Dawley, WilliamAssociate Faculty-Anthropology  8B 
De Alba, AlexaAssociate Faculty - Counseling OC370010C 
De Anda, Gina Associate Faculty: Instructor English as a Second Language  CLC Noncredit ESLNone 
De Souza, MitraStudent Services Director-Community Learning Center8719CLC 32922 
Dean, DonaldAssociate Faculty-CSIT  8B 
Dean, GaryRefuse and Recycling Worker-Facilities6875OC42000 
Dean, RuthCashier II-Student Accounts6746OC320226 
Dean, SherriPayroll Specialist6782OCT220-2914 
Dear, MichaelDirector of Financial Aid & Scholarships6713OC30303A 
Deardurff, DebbieAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
DeFreitas, AmberLearning Coach - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Deineh, StevenLibrarian, Instruction & Student Engagement6721OC122271200 
Dela Cruz, AngelitoAssociate Faculty-Nursing and Allied Health  8B 
DeLaRosa, GabrielAssociate Faculty-Psychology  17A 
Delgado-Padilla, SaraStudent Support Advisor - Welcome Center    
Dellin, MarenSenior Human Resources Technician2380OCT220-0714 
Demsky, JeffreyAssociate Faculty-Political Science  8B 
DePies, GregInterim Administrative Assistant to Dean-Instructional Support Systems2186OCT260-094 
Derix, CliffordAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Derr, EricInstructional Associate/Music Venue Coordinator6446OC22005B 
Deschamps, MichaelFaculty-Accounting6488OC705819 
Detwiler, DavidFaculty-Spanish7758SAN51017ASpanish
Detwiler, RyanAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Diaz, AndrewAssociate Faculty-Administration of Justice  8B 
Diaz, CarinaAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Diaz, DanielAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Diaz, EnriqueCustodial Maintenance Worker-Facilities6232OC42000 
Diaz, ZulemaFaculty-English6379OC36151 
DiBenedetto, VanessaInterim Veterans Specialist2115OCT10025 
DiCianni, WarrenInstructional Aid-Noncredit8710 22 
Dicker, RichFaculty, Medical Administrative Professional - Nursing & Allied Health6188OC513327 
Dickison, MarissaAssociate Faculty- Biology  8B 
Diederichs , BarbaraAssociate Faculty-German  8B 
Dieguez, CarlosInstructional Assistant-International Languages6442OC47018CSpanish
Dinckan, GulayAssociate Faculty-Anthropology1305 8B 
Diokno, JamesAssociate Faculty-Anthropology  8B 
Diskin, DawnAssociate Faculty-Accounting1383 17A 
Do, VictoriaGraphic Artist-CLC/PIO6649OC10567 
Doig, LeslieFaculty-History6240OCT270-062 
Dolce, CraigAssociate Faculty-English  17A 
Dominguez, Diego Vargas Student Life and Leadership Temporary     
Donan, MaryAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Donnellan, StephenClimate HVAC Programmer CLC, OCN, SAN0 
Donnellan, StephenClimate HVAC Programmer CLC, OCN, SAN0 
Donze, ErichSecurity Engineer-AIS6727OC1225911A 
Dorner, MeredithAssociate Faculty-Anthropology  8B 
Dorris, JimSenior Enterprise Applications Developer6728OC1225311A 
Dorsey, DanielleAssociate Faculty-History  None 
Doud, MichaelAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Douglas, ScottAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Douglass, DeniseAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Doust, AtousaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Dow, HelenaAssociate Faculty-Psychology  17A 
Draper, ElizabethProgram Manager, Veterans Services6967OCT10425 
Drecun-Cox, AleksandraAssociate Faculty-Psychology1328 17ASerbo-Croatian
Drexler, DavidAssociate Faculty - Music Online  
Du, ThanhAssociate Faculty-Design Drafting  8B 
Dua, ArtiFaculty-Counseling6473OC371310C 
Duarte, KarinaFaculty-Counseling6224OC370010C 
Dudley, CynthiaSenior Curriculum & Accreditation Analyst6853OC 10404 
Duffield, KariAssociate Faculty-Art   5A 
Duggal, AmanAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Dumais, Lance Associate Faculty-Film  17A 
Dumbeck, JuliaBusiness Systems Analyst - ITS Enterprise Application Services OCN  
Dunbar, KeithFaculty-Mathematics6418OC36231 
Duncan, YvetteFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6440OC513927 
Dunn, JoselitaAssociate Faculty-ACE/ESL  8B 
Duraid, SandiAssociate Counselor - Counseling OCN10C 
Duralde, MariaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Duran, EricaFaculty-AHSDP English8703CLC13822 
Duran, LuzCampus Aide III - Counseling OCN10C 
Dyer, Kathryn (Katy)Associate Faculty - Nutrition OnlineNone 
Eacott, EricaAssociate Faculty-Medical Administrative Professional  8B 
Eastmond, DanAssociate Faculty-Geology & Oceanography  8B 
Echevarria, AnnelApprentice III - The Learning Centers, Writing Center    
Eden, Mary ElizabethAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Edmisten, BrianAssociate Faculty-CSIT  8B 
Edwards, JohnResearch Analyst-Regional Center of Excellence6484SAN81117A 
Eftekhari, ArmanApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Eggleton, JoshuaAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Eggleton, XuchiFaculty-Art6268OC22745A 
Ekanayake, VindanaAssociate Faculty- Chemistry  8B 
Elg, ThomasAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Eliopoulos, NicholasAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Elliott, JantzAssistant Coach-Men's Basketball6194OC520015 
Ellorin, BernardAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Elmaghraby, MonaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL CLC22-100 
Elmer, OliviaAdministrative Support Assistant III - Instructional and Library Services T230-07T230 
En Lin, Hsin Instructor English as a Second Language Department: Noncredit ESL Online 22 
Enriquez, AnthonyCustodian8961OC42000 
Ernst, DorittAssociate Faculty - Noncredit, General  22-100 
Esbensen, PiaSenior Science Lab Associate-Biology6524OC45211 
Escobar, AriannaAssociate Counselor (Mental Health): Health Services  None 
Escobedo, Maximo Associate Faculty Department: Media Arts and Technologies Online None 
Escobedo, NoraInstructional Support Coordinator - Noncredit Adult Education9710CLC22 
Eso, SteveFaculty-Psychology6503OCT260-052 
Espinoza, NoemiTesting Services Assistant    
Espinoza, RayCustodian6362OC42000 
Esquibel, ChristinaPolice Dispatcher/Records Technician - College Police  23 
Estrella, RolandFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6510OC513727 
Etemad, SaidAssociate Faculty-Accounting1407 8B 
Evans, DeliaAssociate Faculty - DESN  No Mail Station 
Evers, AllysonCare Outreach Aidex7475SAN93417A 
Everts, CarrieFacilities Assistant6875OC42000 
Ewing, RaymondAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Falero, RobertoFaculty-Physical Sciences2373OCT1151 
Falker, MattFaculty-Music6679OC22065B 
Fallstrom, ScottFaculty Coordinator - The Learning Centers6501OCT116 9 
Fanney, EliseAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  8B 
Fanning, SeanFaculty-Theatre6935OC2022A5A 
Faraimo, PrestonInterim Student Services Specialist-Student Equity6900OC370010C 
Farnam, MichelleCounselor-SAS6348OC30093B 
Farnham, DavidRefuse & Recycling Worker-Facilities6875OC42000 
Farouq, ZakiaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL1318 22Farsi
Farrow, MikeLearning Coach, Writing Center - The Learning Centers    
Fast, LisaFaculty-Psychology6515OCT260-062 
Fatseas, EllenAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Faulk, ClaudiaAssociate Faculty-CSIT, Media Arts & Technology  8B 
Faulkner, SarahAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Faust, AlexisAssociate Faculty-Anthropology  8B 
Fazio-DiBenedetto, DonnaAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Featherstone, VictoriaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Feinberg, MelissaAssociate Faculty-Library6716OC12001200 
Felton, KellitaAssociate Faculty - Phys Online None 
Fernandez, WendyAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Ferreirae, KerryAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Ferreria, ChristopherAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Ferrieri, AbigailAssociate Faculty-Horticulture  8B 
Figueroa, EfrainAssociate Faculty: Physics On Campus 8B 
Figueroa, MariaFaculty-English6238OCT3161 
Fine, MichaelAssociate Faculty - Computer Science OCN8B 
Fino, MichaelDean, Math & Sciences6809OC36101 
Firouzian, ShawnFaculty-Mathematics6485OC36171 
Firtha, FarahAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  None 
Fisher, KaitlinFaculty-Chemistry7722SAN41217A 
Fishinger, ToriAssociate Director-Development/Foundation6652OC10467 
Fitzpatrick, BillAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Fitzwater, BrianNetwork Specialist6786OC1224711A 
Fleming, TimAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Flenniken, LaurenAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL CLC22-100 
Flocken, LiseFaculty Director-Transfer Center6580OC370410C 
Flood, TimVice President, Administrative Services6653T601A20 
Flores, ClaudiaFaculty-Child Development6336OC801216 
Flores, RocioInstructional Aide-Noncredit ESL9170 22 
Flores, SiriaStudent Services Specialist7823SAN93617A 
Foglia, LuciaAssociate Faculty-Philosophy  None 
Fohrman, JonathanDean, Arts, International Languages, & Ethnic Studies6818OC27085C 
Fok, KennyAssociate Faculty-Computer Science  8B 
Fonseca, LucyFinancial Aid Technician6327OC30333A 
Ford, AmberAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  8B 
Ford, Robert Infrastructure Systems Engineer OC12260  
Fore, MalloryAdministrative Support Assistant III - Nursing & Allied Health6466OC510027 
Foster, EricAssociate Faculty-Music  8B 
Fowler, GraceAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Frakes, MandyAccounting Technician6456OCT601-G6ASL
Francis, KatlinAssociate Faculty - Art SAN17A 
Franco, LuzAdmissions & Records Specialist-CLC8711CLC22 
Freeman, RodAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  8B 
Freise, RobertAssociate Faculty - Athletics & Intramurals    
French, JenessaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
French, RicaFaculty-Astronomy6506OC45121 
Friedman, PeterAssociate Faculty- Chemistry  8B 
Fryszman, OlgaAssociate Faculty- Chemistry  8B 
Fulbright, RobertFaculty - Kinesiology6423OC531427 
Fullwood, WendellGrounds Supervisor-Facilities6696OC42000 
Fusco, JohnAssociate Faculty-Accounting1408 8B 
Fuzell, JonLearning Coach8724CLC22 
Gabler, ChristopherAssociate Faculty-Physics  8B 
Gaitan, SharonCommunity Education Assistant II-Community Ed. & Workforce Development6698TCI24TCI 
Gallagher, AliceAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Gallagher, ChristopherInstructor-Noncredit ESL  17 
Gallardo, MariaAdministrative Assistant to the Dean - Office of Student Affairs6260OC344112ASpanish
Gallucci, LindaCafeteria Manager6886OC340012A 
Gamboa, BenjaminAssociate Dean-Career Education2190OC4705A8A 
Gangani, DulceLibrary Technician II, Public Services6913OC122111200 
Ganguli, VictoriaAssociate Faculty-Library7864SAN10017C 
Garbanati, DennisAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Garcia Gonzalez, LizbethAcademic Division Administrative Assistant - School of Continuing Education CLC22-100 
Garcia, CarlosAssociate Instructor-Computer Science  8B 
Garcia, JamesAssociate Faculty-Sociology  8B 
Garcia, MichelleAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Garcia, RachelFinancial Aid Technician6334OC30313A 
Garcia, VereniceAdministrative Support Assistant II-Career & Technical Education & Workforce Development2125OC46058C 
Gardiner, YanaFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6420OC513827 
Gardiner, ZachData Warehouse Systems Developer-Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness6255OC10637 
Garza, JessicaAssociate Faculty-Oceanography  8B 
Gates, GraceAssociate Faculty - Biology SAN17A 
Gates, KeithAssociate Faculty-Biology  17A 
Gay, RuthInstructor-Noncredit ESL8734 22 
Gebara-Lamb, MahaAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  8B 
Gekakis, NickAssociate Faculty-Biology  17A 
Genack, ChesterAssociate Faculty-Automotive Technology  8B 
Gerhardt, RebekahStudent Support Advisor - Admissions & Student Support    
Gerson, JenniferAssociate Faculty-Horticulture  8B 
Gheorghin, David Honors Program Administrative Assistant III (Temporary)6878 None 
Gheorghin, EricaInterim Career Studies & Services Coordinator - Career Services6180OC4715B8A 
Giannuzzi, YelenaPayroll Specialist2114OC100514 
Gibbons, GailAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Gibson, BrittneyAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Gibson, TracyFacilities Manager-Facilities6734OC42000 
Gill, JasonSenior Enterprise Applications Developer6664OC1225211A 
Gilley, CynthiaAssociate Faculty- Chemistry  8B 
Ginger, AnthonyInfrastructure Systems Engineer6742OC1225811AGerman
Godinez, RoelFood Procurement Driver/Campus Aide III - CARE2200OC330612A 
Godoy-Rodarte, SaraiAssociate Faculty - Ethnic Studies OCN8B 
Goeltzenleuchter, BrianAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Gogue, Demeturie Toso-LafaeleAssociate Faculty - Sociology  8B 
Golden, BradAssociate Faculty-Drama  None 
Gomes, CariAssociate Faculty-Geology, Oceanography  8B 
Gomez Cruz, FredyAssociate Counselor - Counseling  10C 
Gomez, JacquelineAssociate Faculty-Continuing Education Counseling  10C 
Gomez, JoannaInstructional Associate-Biotechnology OC40501 
Gomez, JonathanProgram Manager, Outreach6894OC343512ASpanish
Gomez, RubenFaculty-Administration of Justice2147OCT1138C 
Gomez-Carlsson, LauraAssociate Faculty-Spanish1314 8B 
Gomez-Zinn, HildaFaculty-Counseling6295OC371010CSpanish
Gonzaga, JaymieAssociate Faculty-RAFFY Counseling6337OC301810C 
Gonzales, GabbyCourse Material Manager-Bookstore6631OC340112B 
Gonzales, JoanneExecutive Assistant to Vice President-Instruction6814OC10374 
Gonzales, KristenDirector of Public Information & Governmental Relations, Marketing & Communications6612OC10557 
Gonzales, KristenAssociate Faculty-Political Science  7 
Gonzales, NatalieAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Gonzalez Riveria, RodrigoAcademic Services Coordinator - Academic & Career Pathways2241T230-07T230Spanish
Gonzalez, ArianaCampus Aide I - Honors    
Gonzalez, FlorindaCopy Operator-Copy Center6744OC340018 
Gonzalez, MargaritaInstructional Assistant, Adult High School CLC  
Gonzalez, PaolaAssociate Faculty-Psychology  8B 
Gonzalez, ProvidenciaAdministrative Support Assistant III-Veterans Services6285OCT10025 
Gonzalez, RaulInstructional Computer Lab Assistant6519/7760OC/SAN (Open Lab)11A 
Gonzalez, RosalindaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  None 
Goode, RitaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Goodman, ZacharyAssociate Faculty - Economics OCN8B 
Goodspeed, CarolynAdministrative Assistant to the Dean - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility    
Gorgees, KhalidAssociate Faculty - NCESL  22 
Goueth, PierreFaculty-Chemistry6560OC45021 
Goulette, KoreyFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health2131OC513427 
Graboi, JulieAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Granza, KaseyCampus Aide III - Career Studies and Services6772OCN8A 
Gray, RyanAssociate Faculty-Art  17A 
Gray-Adams, GraceAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Green, AnsinaFaculty-Child Development2138OCT1138C 
Green, MikeInternship Coordinator-Career Studies & Services6415OC47138A 
Greenwald, LaurenFaculty-Art6596OC22745B 
Gref, WarrenAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Gregg, KimberlyAssociate Faculty-Dance  5A 
Gregory, AuroraApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM & Writing Center    
Gregory, EricAssociate Faculty-History  None 
Grey, XanderSenior Science Lab Associate - Chenistry OC54081 
Griffin, GenevieveAssociate Faculty-Psychology1231 8B 
Grindley, MarianaAccounting Specialist2182OCT601-F6 
Gross, MaryFaculty-Credit ESL6586OC46081 
Gross, SarahAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Guerrero, JorgeFaculty-Transfer Center Counseling6545OC370110CSpanish
Guerrero-Hart, WilliamAssociate Faculty - Horticulture OCN8B 
Guevarra, TrishAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Guimond, KimoAssociate Faculty-Automotive Technology  8B 
Guinon, TeresaAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Gunn, BillyFaculty-Film6402OC27065CRussian
Guo, ChaneyApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Gutierrez Hernandez, IsraelStudent Services Specialist-Orientation and Student Support6926OC333010A 
Gutierrez, SoniaAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Guzman, AdamInstructional Assistant-Automotive Technology6841OC40508C 
Guzman, RudyAccountant I6833OCT601-A6 
Ha, ThaoFaculty-Sociology6258OCT1152Vietnamese
Ha, WesleyAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Haar, LindaAssociate Faculty - CHLD Online  
Haavig, DavidAssociate Faculty-Physics  8B 
Haavig, LisaAssociate Faculty-Physics  8B 
Haavig, LisaAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Hackett, JoanWellness Center Coordinator6223OC410015 
Hackett, JoanAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology6223OC410015 
Hadi, HaliaAssociate Faculty-Computer Science  None 
Haeger, France-MarieAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Haemig, DanniePolice Support Assistant I6640OC110023 
Hagen, KellyFaculty-English7784SAN60217A 
Hagihara, JunHVAC Technician-Facilities6274OC42000 
Hajiha, HamedAssociate Faculty-Accounting1298 17A 
Hale, CamrynApprentice III - The Learning Centers, Writing Center    
Hall, Dalen Climatec Programmer On Campus None 
Hall, Marnie Associate Faculty Biology On Campus 8B 
Hall, MatthewAssociate Faculty-Athletics  15 
Hall, NathanielAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Halmay, CatherineInterim Purchasing Assistant6790OCT60020 
Halttunen, DavidAssociate Faculty-IIP Counselor  3B 
Halverson, MichelleStudent Services Specialist - Student Life & Leadership OCN  
Hamson, CarmenAssociate Faculty-Psychology  17A 
Hanada-Rogers, TrishaFaculty-Dance6526OC27075C 
Hanley, AnneAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Hannon, Richard "Hal"Associate Faculty-Library, English6716OC12001200 
Hansen, DarleneAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Hansen, GinaAccounting Technician6458OCT601-G6 
Hansen, KyleSenior Enterprise Applications Developer6730OC12255None 
Hanson, CynthiaAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Hao, Chong HocAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Hardaway, DonjayAthletics Coordinator-Athletics6425OC520715 
Hardin-Ingram, ChandlerAssociate Faculty - SOC  No Mail Station 
Hargas, GailAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Hargrove, LindaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Harland, JulieAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  17A 
Harrington, SylviaHuman Resources Assistant6854OCT220-2014 
Harris, CherylAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  None 
Harris, CherylResearch Analyst-Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness8789CLC12422 
Harris, KaiWomen's Basketball Coach6246OC520715 
Harrison, Bryce Associate Faculty-Music  5B 
Harrison, CollinSenior Science Lab Associate-Physical Sciences7707SAN50317A 
Hart, ChristinaAssociate Faculty - Nursing  None 
Hartman, HillaryAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Hartzell, JayLibrary Technician III, Public Services7877SAN10017C 
Hasbrooke, WendyAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Hasenstab, KyleAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Hasselberg, AnnaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Hastings, RachelFaculty-Communication Studies6550OCT220-042 
Hawari, Hannan Instructor English as a Second Language CLC22 
Hawthorne, TerrieAssociate Counselor - Career Studies and Services OC47008A 
Hayashi, YoshimiFaculty-Art6444OC21115B 
Hayek, LauraFaculty-Counseling6983OC370310C 
Haynie, MelanieExecutive Assistant-VP Business & Administrative Services6648OCT60020German
Headlee, Mary BethFaculty-Mathematics6227OC36161 
Heard, Shaun Associate Faculty Drama/Theatre  5A 
Heden, JeffreyAssociate Faculty-Design  8B 
Hegle, SierraAssociate Faculty - Counseling  10C 
Heiligenberg, JulieAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Helms, LindseyAssociate Faculty - NCESL  22 
Helmstreit, TinaProgram Manager-Orientation & Student Support63073309B10A 
Helvig, DianeAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Hepburn, BonnieAssociate Faculty-Psychology1277 8B 
Hermsmeyer, IsabelAssociate Faculty-Anthropology  8B 
Hernandez, AlfredoApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Hernandez, ArlenePayroll Manager6783OCT220-0714 
Hernandez, CrystalApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Hernandez, GeorgeAssociate Faculty - NCABE  22 
Hernandez, GriseldaAdmissions & Records Specialist-CLC8720CLC22 
Hernandez, JustinoAdmissions & Records Assistant6289OC330010A 
Hernandez, KirstenAssociate Faculty - Nursing  None 
Hernandez, LarrySenior Science Lab Associate-Physical Science6329OC45271 
Hernandez, MinaDirector-Purchasing & Material Management6797OCT601A20 
Hernandez, PilarFaculty-Spanish6431OC47048C 
Hernandez, RobertAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Hernandez, VicenteLead Groundskeeper6362OC42000 
Herrera, LizzetteAssociate Faculty-Business  17A 
Herrero, DorianAssociate Faculty - Counseling  10C 
Herrin, BridgetDean, Admissions and Student Support(442) 262-2250 3003None 
Hesse, LisaAssociate Faculty - Nutrition  8B 
Hetherington, DebiCommunity Services Assistant6828TCI1TCI 
Hetrick, KyleAssociate Faculty-English  17A 
Heyliger, CJAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Hickey, KristenInstructional Associate-Surgical Technology6419OC440627 
Hickman, TonyAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Hicks, YairaInterim Student Services Specialist - Orientation & Student Support6281OC333410B 
Hidle, JadeFaculty-English6266OCT1121 
Higginbotham, JeffreyFaculty Director-SAS6300OC30103B 
Hill, AltonTechnology Services Analyst-ITS8805OC-T270/CLC201A22 
Hill, AmandaAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Hill, AutumnStudent Services Specialist - Student Equity    
Hill, ChrisAssociate Faculty- Geology  7 
Hill, DavidAssociate Faculty - BUS  No Mail Station 
Hilliard, StephenAssociate Faculty - CSIT  8B 
Hirano, ConradAssociate Faculty-Astronomy  8B 
Hitchcock, KristinBursur-Fiscal Services6702OC320226 
Hoard, MadelynnAssociate Faculty - Credit & NonCredit ESL  22 
Holdt, RachelAssociate Faculty - Dance  5A 
Holland, AnneAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology1282 8B 
Holmes, AaronAccess Specialist-SAS6684OC33343B 
Holmes, Kimberly Administrative Support Assistant III - Admissions & Records OC10A 
Holthaus, TamaraAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Homer, ShelliAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Hooper, LarryAssociate Faculty- German and French  8B 
Hoopes, MaggieAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Hoos, JenniferAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Hoover, StephanAssociate Faculty-Political Science  17A 
Hopkins, IngerFinancial Aid Technician6338OC30333A 
Hornung, ChristopherAssociate Faculty - Music OCN5B 
Horton, KristopherAssociate Faculty - Computer Science OCN8B 
Horton, WendyFaculty-Counseling6517OC370910C 
Hoskins, AliceCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records OCN10A 
Hoskins, BruceFaculty-Sociology6305OCT210-042 
Hosley, TiceyFaculty-Counseling2119OC371110C 
Hoste, TriciaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL8778 22 
Howard, MichellePolice Support Assistant I6640OC110023 
Hoy, RaymondAssociate Faculty - Psyc  8B 
Hsu, Ning ChiaoGraphic Artist-Community Education & Workforce Development6942TCI25TCI 
Hu, Yi-ChengInterim Instructor/Director-Child Development6689OC801016 
Hu, Yi-ChengAssociate Faculty-Child Development  16 
Huang, Wei-HaoAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  17A 
Hull, StaceyFaculty-Biology6391OC45201 
Humaciu, MatthewAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Humble, AaronAssociate Faculty - MUS  5B 
Humble, Aaron Associate Faculty Music MUS1415B 
Humphrey, MalisaAssociate Faculty - Art  8B 
Hunt, KirstieAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  8B 
Huppenbauer, SandraAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Hwan Han, YoungAssociate Faculty-Design  None 
Iammarino, DarrenAssociate Faculty-Philosophy & Religious Studies  17A 
Ibri, ShellyAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL    
Ihara, JeffFaculty-Biology6525OC45191 
Ilas, ShannonAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Ilic, SanjaAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  8B 
Ingato, DominiqueFaculty-Biotechnology6352OC46081 
Ingham, StacyOperations Supervisor - Admissions & Records6621OC332910A 
Ingman, Jeffrey Associate Faculty: Drama/Theatre  5A 
Ingman, JeffreyAssociate Faculty-Drama  5A 
Irvine, FredrekaAssociate Faculty - Drama  8B 
Isachsen, SteveFaculty-Computer Studies6392OC481221 
Jackie , RobledoCampus Aide III - Counseling, CLC8856CLCCLC300 
Jackson, AnishaAdministrative Support Assistant III - PIO OC7 
Jackson, MichaelAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Jackson, Natasha Associate Counselor (Mental Health): Health Services  None 
Jackson, TheresaAssociate Faculty-Media Arts & Technologies  8B 
Jackson, TrevaVeterans Specialist6535OCT10325 
Jacobs, AlyssaAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology6427 8B 
Jacques, LetiStudent Services Coordinator - International Office6956OCN12A 
Jahelka, MarieAssociate Faculty-Drama/Theatre  5A 
James, DorchellaAssistant Coach, Women's Basketball-Athletics6194OC500015 
Jamieson, ShantaTemporary Human Resources Technician2173OCT230-036 
Janeckova, Eva Associate Faculty: Biology  SAN17A 
Jankovic, Teresa AvinaAssociate Faculty-Dance  5A 
Janovick, IsabellaAssociate Faculty-Business and CSIT  8B 
Jara, JoseFaculty-English6217OC36191 
Jarrous, VannaAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Jeffers, RyanBuilding Maintenance Mechanic II7781OC4217E  
Jenkins Orr, LisaAssociate Faculty-Hospitality  8B 
Jennings, TamrahAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Jentzsch, DanielInstructional Computer Lab Assistant-ITS6519/7760OC/SAN (Open Lab)17C 
Jessup, DeniseInstructional Aide-English6658OC30063B 
Jimenez, DavidIT Help Desk Technician - Information Technology Services, Technology Support Services OCN11A 
Jimenez, GomezTesting Services Assistant6685OC333410B 
Jimenez, OmarInterim Program Manager - SSSP6918OC12A 
Jimenez, YuricoStudent Services Specialist2135OC2 
Joachin, AlainAcademic Services Coordinator - Instructional and Library Services2241T230-03T230 
Johnson, Bobbi-SueAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Johnson, D. JoyceAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  17A 
Johnson, David C.Associate Faculty - Athl  15 
Johnson, HeidiInstructional Aide-Auto Technology6372OC40508C 
Johnson, JohnCustodian7718SAN7000 
Johnson, John CraigAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Johnson, JulieGEAR UP Grant Program Director6803OCT55013 
Johnson, TinaFaculty-Chemistry7766SAN41117A 
Johnston, SachiAssociate Faculty-Japanese  8BJapanese
Joiner, GlennCLC Maintenance Technician8744CLC22 
Jones, AndreAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Jones, JeffGardener Groundskeeper1374OC42000 
Jones, TheoCustodian8056OC42000 
Jordan, Fernando DiegoAssociate Faculty - MATH  17A 
Joyce, JustinAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Julius, JimFaculty Coordinator - Online Education6745OCT250T250 
Juncosa, BarbaraFaculty-Biomanufacturing6214OC40571 
Kalish, AmandaAssociate Faculty-Library7864SAN10017C 
Kalscheur Suarez, AnnAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Kalyuzhny, GregoryAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Kang, IgnatioAssociate Faculty - Computer Science    
Karvounis, AlexGraphic Designer/Photography Coordinator6784OCT250-037 
Kashyap, NirmalaAssociate Faculty-Mathematics1310 8B 
Kasner, GreggGrounds Maintenance Specialist-SAN7718SAN70017A 
Kassegn, AddisAssociate Faculty-Business Online  
Katarey, VirajGEAR UP Accounting & Research Specialist6570OCT55013 
Katson, PaulFaculty-Automotive Technology6356OC40188C 
Katz, FaithAssocite Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Kay, WillAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8b 
Kay-Kuntz, EmilyAssociate Faculty-MAT  None 
Keene, EllieLibrary Technician I-Public Services6404SAN11 
Kelley, RobertFaculty-Psychology6262OCT210-052 
Kelley, StevenAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Kemp-Lopez, DianeAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Kendall, LindseyAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Kendall, MollyAcademic Division Administrative Assistant-Math & Sciences6874OC36001 
Kennedy, RebekahPolice Support Assistant I6640OC110023 
Keough, KarenAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Kessab, BeckyAcademic Division Administrative Assistant-San Elijo Campus7879SAN111817A 
Keys, MarleshaMath Learning Coach-MLC6381OC10689 
Khalaj, MaryamMath Learning Coach-MLC6381OC10689 
Khalil, AlexanderAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Khan, NadiaInstructional Designer-Office of Instruction2153OCT250T250 
Kidwell, AshleyAssociate Faculty-Drama  5A 
Kidwell, JustinInstructional Associate-Theatre6450OC20225A 
Kilmer, Aaron Instructor English as a Second Language CLC Noncredit ESLNone 
King, IgnatioAssociate Faculty - Computer Studies    
King, JosephAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
King, KathleenWriting Coach6861OC10241024 
Kinnon, CarolynInstructional Associate-Horticulture6482OC705419 
Kinseth, MattAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  8B 
Kirby, MikeInstructional Aide-Short Term Noncredit Vocational8737CLC22 
Kirk, Sarah Associate Faculty: Psychology Online 8B 
Kirwan, JohnFaculty-English6416OCT5521 
Kissinger, KellyAssociate Faculty-Drama OC20005A 
Kiyochi, EmikoFaculty-Japanese6407OC48148CJapanese
Klein, MartiAssociate Faculty-Geography  8B 
Klein, NateAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC371910C 
Klingbeil, CandiceAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Knapp, Elizabeth (Libby)Associate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Knapp, KarenHuman Resources Analyst - Human Resources OCN  
Knott, BryonCustodian6232OC40170 
Knox, AndrewAssociate Faculty-Drama  5A 
Kolonko, KennethAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Kolt, TomAssociate Faculty-Pharmacology  8B 
Komancheck, JanAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Koontz, TashaAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Koschwanez, JeanneExecutive Assistant to the President6840OC10447 
Kovanda, EricAssociate Faculty - Adm  8B 
Kowack, AshleyAssistant Coach - Athletics & Intramurals    
Kramer, AlexisAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  8B 
Kremer, SusanAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  17A 
Krezoski, JillAssociate Faculty-Earth Science  17A 
Kriebel, AmandaAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  17A 
Kroupa, Kaitlin Biology Associate Faculty OCN8B 
Kroupa, RichiAssociate Faculty - International Languages OnlineNone 
Krupinski, LarryAssociate Faculty-Accounting1384 8B 
Kuang, XiaoAssociate Faculty-Continuing Education Counseling6377OC344322 
Kulkarni, HimgauriFaculty-Biology6343OC45181Hindi, Marathi, Telugu
Kurokawa, LindaDirector, Community Education & Workforce Development6824TCI28TCI 
Kuspa, JordanAssociate Faculty - Music  None 
Kuspa, JordanAssociate Faculty - Music  None 
Kyes, MargretAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Lackkaty, SouAssociate Faculty-ACE/ESL  8B 
Lacy, KarenAssociate Faculty - Anthropology  8B 
Laggner, KellySenior Science Lab Associate-Chemistry7442SAN100317A 
Lague, StephenHorticulture Assistant6491OC700019 
Lambert, DebiTechnology Services Analyst8705CLC201A22 
Lambert, LukeFaculty-Reading7825SAN60217A 
Lambeth, AshleyAssociate Faculty-Business1435 8B 
Lancaster, TanyaAssociate Faculty - Sociology    
Lane, Lisa M.Associate Faculty - History  none 
Langager, ArlieFaculty-Music6527OC22205B 
Laprade, JasonInfrastructure Systems Engineer2159OC1224611A 
Lara, LukeFaculty-Counseling6563OC370810C 
Larson, JanetteAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Larue, Ryan ChristopherAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Lauer, CeceliaInstructional Lab Assistant - ITS Technology Support Services    
Laurel, MarkFaculty-Mathematics6249OC70561 
Lauria, DanielleDean - Nursing, Health, & Wellness OC515227 
Law, DennisAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  17A 
Lawlor, RebekahInterim Financial Aid Assistant OCN3A 
Layne, TheresaAssociate Faculty-Drama  5A 
Lazootin, TayaFaculty-Geography6522OCT3141 
Le Blanc, Pamela Student Services Specialist: Disabled Students Programs and Services Course/Class:  None 
Le, AmyApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Le, DungBusiness Analyst-Fiscal Services6654OCT601-A6 
LeBlanc, PamelaStudent Services Specialist-SAS6461OC30123BFinnish, Swedish
Lechusza Aquallo, Carolyn JoanAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Lederman, BarryAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Lee, AlexaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, Writing     
Lee, Brian Associate Faculty - MATH  8B 
Lee, HermanAssociate Faculty-Career Studies6772 8B 
Lee, JaeryoungAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Lee, MelissaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Lee, SamAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  22 
Leguizamo, ElizabethAssociate Faculty-Counseling6512OC370010C 
Leighton, MackenzieAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Leodones, JamieAssociate Faculty - Drama  5A 
Leon Guerrero, AnthonyBuilding Maintenance Mechanic6232OC42000 
Leste, AdamAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Levy, Van EthanAssociate Counselor (Mental Health): Health Services OC  
Lewallen, Clayton RobertAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Lewis, DavidAssociate Faculty-Continuing Education  22 
Lewis, KevinAssociate Faculty-Computer Science  8B 
Lewis, LeslieAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Lewis, Michael Jr.Associate Instructor - Computer Studies and Information Technologies OCN8B 
Leyva, Juan MartinAssociate Faculty - Sociology  8B 
Li, ShiqiAssociate Faculty-Physical Science  8B 
Licht, MonicaAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Licht, MonicaAssociate Faculty: Nursing and Allied Health OC8B 
Lieberman, Andrea NatashaAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Lieberman, MarkAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  17A 
Lieu, CharlieBusiness Systems Analyst2126OC331010A 
Lindgren, JohannaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Lindstrom, ZhenyaAssociate Faculty-Business2180OC1220811 
Lindstrom, ZhenyaDean, Instructional and Library Services2180OC1220811 
Lira, LucioAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Lissner, MariaResearch Analyst-Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness6958OC10537 
Lister, Laurie JeanneAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Littler, Pey-LihAssociate Faculty - Nutrition  None 
Lizarraga, DavidAssociate Faculty - Biology  17A 
Llamas, Noemi Testing Services Assistant7726San Elijo Academic Proctoring Center; Matriculation and Testing17A 
Llewellyn, ClaytonAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Lo, JacquelineAssociate Faculty-Art  17A 
Lochard, CassondraAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Loedel, DeloresFaculty-Accounting6366OCT1118C 
Lofrano, IonaAssistant Coach-Women's Volleyball6194OC520015 
Lofthus, Amanda Associate Faculty Department: Biology  OCN8B 
Lohr, ElizabethAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Lomeli, SinarFaculty-Counseling6293OC371910C 
Londy, KristinaProgram Manager-Student Success & Equity6460OC370610C 
Long, ErinAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Long, RobertAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  17A 
Loomis, PatriceAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  17A 
Lopez, AliciaAcademic Services Coordinator - Academic & Career Pathways2242T230-03T230Spanish
Lopez, AliciaAcademic Services Coordinator - Instructional and Library Services OCN  
Lopez, AliciaFaculty-Sociology6228OC36151 
Lopez, AntonioApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Lopez, Carlos J.Custodian1419OC42000 
Lopez, EilyEnrollment Database Specialist6810OC 10394 
Lopez, MariaECE Instructional Specialist-Child Development6656/6884OC800016 
Lopez, Maria EugeniaInstructional Aide-ESL9710CLC22 
Lopez, MayraAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Lopez, RobertBusiness Advisor-SBDC8740SBDCSBDC/TCI 
Lopez, SamuelAssociate Faculty - ART  17A 
Lopez, Sarah Associate Faculty-Music  5B 
Lopez-Aguilar, MariaAssistant Registrar-CLC8722CLC22 
Lopez-Mercedes, JoseAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Lopez-Yanez, EmiliaAssociate Faculty-Music  None 
Love, DonFaculty-Counseling6273OC370310C 
Lovejoy, NinaProgram Manager, Employment Services-Career Studies & Services6575OC4705B8A 
Lovelace-Jarvis, LyndseyAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health    
Lowe, RandGardner/Groundskeeper6724OC42000 
Lowery, Alexander Police Support Assistant I OC110023 
Lozano, Gonzalo Temporary Accounting Specialist  T601  
Lu, Chieh-MiAssociate Faculty - Mathematics    
Lu-Anderson, DorisAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  8B 
Ludtke, JoshuaAssociate Faculty-Biology SAN17A 
Luengo, IsabelFaculty-Philosophy2171OCT220-052Spanish, Catalan
Lujan, IanMath Learning Coach-MLC6381OC10689 
Lundquist, IreneAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Lurenana, ElizabethAdministrative Assistant, Foundation & Development6940OC1051None 
Ma, RichardCLC Outreach, Media Acquisitions & Displays Librarian6851OC122231200 
Maccarrone, KristinOutreach Specialist-Community Education & Workforce Development6876TCI24TCI 
MacDonald, AndreaTechnology Support Services Coordinator-ITS2158OC-T26011A 
Machuca, AdrianaInstructional Aide-ESL9710CLC22 
Macias, TomDirector, Facilities6691OC42000 
Maciel, AnthonyAssociate Vice President & Chief Information Systems Officer-ITS6720OC1222811A 
Macintyre, ShanonManager, Technology Support Services-ITS6731OC1223111A 
MacLean, CarolynAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Magallanes, JennaFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6901OC513327 
Magargal, KelliAssociate Faculty-English  17A 
Magnuson, NicoleAssociate Faculty - Business OCN8B 
Mahoney, CarolineAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies OCN8B 
Mahounou, AkossibaInstructional Computer Lab Assistant - ITS, Technology Support Services OCN11A 
Makevich, JohnDean, Continuing and Community Education8701CLC12522 
Maldonado, JeanetteAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  None 
Malfavon-Borja, RaymondLearning Coach - The Learning Centers, ASI  OCN9 
Malicoat, LaurynInterim Administrative Support Assistant III - Financial Aid OCN3A 
Mamaril, CarmelynAssociate Faculty Nursing  8B 
Mansker, Sarah Instructional Associate - Nursing & Allied Health6269OC510027 
Mansour, DaoudAssociate Faculty-Film  5A 
Manthorpe, Kathryn Instructor English as a Second Language CLC Noncredit ESLNone 
Manthorpe, Kathryn Instructor English as a Second Language CLC Noncredit ESLNone 
Mariscal, EduardoFaculty-Computer Science2129OCT5518C 
Mariscal, PoloFaculty-Mathematics7471OC36201 
Markowitz, RikaInstructional Computer Lab Assistant-ITS6519/7760OC/SAN (Open Lab)11A 
Marovich, LeslieAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  17A 
Marquardt, KimDirector-Health Services6676OC332610B 
Marques, DonnaAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Marquez, EdnaAssociate Faculty-Child Development  22 
Marr, LaurenAssociate Faculty- Anthropology  8B 
Marr, MayAssociate Faculty-Noncredit  17A 
Marsh, ChanikaAssociate Faculty - COUN  10C 
Martin, AaronGardener/Groundskeeper8013OC42000 
Martin, AndrewAssociate Faculty - Music OCN5B 
Martin, ChristopherAssociate Faculty - CS / Learning Coach - The Learning Centers, STEM OCN8B 
Martin, ShannonAssociate Faculty - Design  None 
Martinez, DanielPolice Support Assistant I  None 
Martinez, IvetteInterim Student Services Coordinator - Community Learning Center8753CLCCLC 300 
Martinez, Katherine SueAssociate Faculty-Math  None 
Martinez, LezlieStudent Support Advisor - Welcome Center  10A 
Martinez, LezlieInterim Academic Records Evaluator-A&R6286OC330010A 
Martinez, May-LingAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Martinez, RodrigoAssociate Faculty Accounting  None 
Martinez, SilviaProgram Specialist-Noncredit Adult Education8747CLC22Spanish
Martinez, SoniaAdmissions & Records Specialist-CLC8774CLC30222 
Massey, DaveFaculty-Dance6302OC27055C 
Mathis, StaceyCareer Counselor6210OC47008A 
Matlala Gonzalez, ErikaCARE Outreach Aide2200OC330612ASpanish
Matsubara, SummerAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Matter, MichelleAssociate Faculty, Associate Faculty Online8B 
Matthews, EddieRegional Research Associate-Regional Center of Excellence2192SAN81117A 
Mattson, JaredAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Mattson, JonathanAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Mauro, AnthonyAssociate Faculty - PHYS  No Mail Station 
Maxwell, PatriciaAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  8B 
Maya-Peinl, MicaelAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Mayerchik, StaceyAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Mayr, TimPolice Officer6568OC110023 
McCaffery, MichelePayroll Specialist6781OCT220-2614 
McCarthy, StacyAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  17A 
McClellan, MiyukiInterim Student Services Specialist-Student Life & Leadership7823SAN93617A 
McCorkle, KentFaculty-Chemistry6417OCT5311 
McCullough, MatthewLocker Room Safety Assistant-College Police6640OC110023 
McDaniel, ThomasAssociate Faculty - Horticulture  8B 
McDermott, TerriAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
McDonnell, CollinCampus Aide I - Honors    
McFadden, BonnieHRIS Analyst-Human Resources2117OCT220-0514 
McFall, LaurenWeb Services & Emerging Technologies Librarian7836SAN110B17C 
McFarland, CaseyFaculty - Kinesiology, Yoga6226OC531527 
McFarlin, DarrylCustodian - Facilties    
McGuinness, JohnAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
McIntosh, DanielaAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10CSpanish
McLean, TimothyAssociate Faculty-CSIT  8B 
McMahan, ElanAssociate Faculty-Music OC20005A 
McMahon, SeanAssociate Faculty-Chemistry1355 17A 
McNeal, CyndiAssociate Faculty-Medical Administrative Professional1337 8B 
McPherson, BarbaraAssociate Faculty-Psychology  8B 
McQueen, DeniseAdministrative Support Assistant I-Payroll6783OCT250-0714 
McQueen, DinaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL1413CLC22 
Medina, CharlieStudent Help Desk Technician-ITS6655OC-T21011ASpanish
Megill, HeatherAssociate Faculty-Music  5A 
Mehlhoff, DavidAssociate Faculty-Administration of Justice  17A 
Mehra, BinduAssociate Faculty - Noncredit Short Term Vocational CLC22 
Mehta, ShitalMath Learning Coach-MLC6381 OC10689 
Meinhold, GailFaculty - Kinesiology, Health, Nutrition6566OC531627 
Mejares, EmilioSenior Enterprise Applications Developer-ITS6726OC1225411A 
Mejicanos, CristalInterim Student Services Specialist8753CLC11822 
Mellinger, RichardAssociate Faculty-Astronomy, Physics  8B 
Mencel-Takeuchi, ShokoAssociate Faculty-Japanese  8B 
Mendoza Garcia, YadimirSupport Assisant-Noncredit Adult Education CLC22 
Mendoza, CesarApprentice III - The Learning Centers, ASI & STEM    
Mendoza, PaulinoAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Mercado, SerenaFaculty-Mathematics6437OC36221 
Mercuri, EmilyFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health2163OC514327 
Merrill, ChrisAssociate Faculty-Computer Science  8B 
Meyerholtz, MeganBusiness Systems Analyst - Admissions & Records2126OC331010A 
Mezquita, KevinTechnology Services Analyst-ITS6736OC12243B11A 
Micelli, HeatherAssociate Faculty-Economics  17A 
Michalk, CaraBookstore Manager6633OC340012B 
Middaugh, MegenAssociate Faculty-English  17A 
Middlesworth, ChristiInterim Buyer - Purchasing and Material Management  20 
Miguel, JosiasAssociate Faculty - Music OCN5B 
Mijares, AishaInstructional Computer Lab Assistant-ITS6519/7760OC/SAN (Open Lab)11A 
Mikes, QuiemariInterim Administrative Support Assistant III-Student Equity6900OC370010C 
Milbourne, HayleyAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Miller, GarrettAssociate Faculty-Philosophy  8B 
Miller, Kim ReneAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Miller, LynneFaculty-Anthropology6636OCT3122 
Milliken, LaurenAssociate Faculty - Horticulture  8B 
Minekawa, YukiAssociate Faculty - Japanese  8B 
Mitchell, CurryFaculty-English6221OCT3111 
Mitchell, TraciAssociate Faculty-Nutrician  None 
Mitchem, MirandaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Mitchum, ShawntaeAssociate Faculty-Sociology Oceanside Campus8B 
Moebest, WillAssociate Faculty-CSIT  8B 
Mohareri, AlicAssociate Faculty-Business1338 17A 
Molina, JoseAssociate Faculty-MTEC  5B 
Moncado, RositaIT Help Desk Technician - Information Technology Services, Technology Support Services OCN11A 
Monge, BrendaInstructional Aide-Noncredit ESL8710CLC22 
Montague, ShaunCustodian - Facilties    
Montano, VanessaAssociate Faculty - Counseling  10C 
Moore, AndrewHVAC Technician-Facilities63614217A0 
Moore, AndrewHVAC Tec  None 
Moore, ChristopherLearning Coach - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Moore, DuncanAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Moore, JosephineAssociate Faculty-Medical Administrative Professional1336 8B 
Moore, LitaAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Moore, VeronicaAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Mora, Michelle Interim Financial Aid Assistant 6386OC30313A 
Morales Benitez, SusyStudent Support Advisor - Admissions & Student Support    
Morelewski, KellyAssociate Faculty-Health  8B 
Morelia Lopez, BrendaAdministrative Support Assistant II - Counseling Operations    
Moreno-Terrill, StevenAssociate Faculty-Sociology  None 
Morente, DesmondAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10CTagalog
Morgado, PedroFaculty-Biology6403OC45121 
Morgan, AlexisCampus Aide III - Facilities2145 0 
Morgan, EstellaAssociate Faculty - Nursing  None 
Morgan, M. LynnAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Morgan, RebeccaFaculty-Veterans Counseling OC372010C 
Morrell, MandyAssociate Faculty - Business Online  
Morris, BriannaAdministrative Assistant to the Dean-Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility6279OC343512A 
Morrow, StacyAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Morse, LindseyInstructional Aide-ESL8710CLC22Spanish
Mortaloni, NickDean, Student Affairs6804OC344112A 
Moser, AshleighInterim Supervisor of SI Program6383OCT1189 
Mota, JoseStudent Services Coordinator-EOPS6340OC30243B 
Motalli-Pepio, RitaLibrary Technician I, Technical Services - Library6310OC122141200 
Motlagh, DavidAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL, CLC Carmel Valley Middle School  
Moyer, ChristinaAssociate Faculty - Psychology OCN/SAN  
Muagututia, GrantAssociate Faculty- Dance  8B 
Mueller, CurtisCampus Aide III - Theatre & Film    
Mueller, Robert "Bobby"Media Services Technician-ITS6530OC12119C11A 
Muller, GabrielaAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Mullins, LarryAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  17A 
Mullins, ScottAssociate Faculty - Computer Studies    
Munguia Rivera, Luis Jr.Associate Faculty - Counseling OC370010C 
Munoz, IsaacVeterans Specialist6492OCT10025 
Munoz, MirandaAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Munshower, DonnyFaculty-Veterans Counseling7829SAN110917B 
Munson, MichaelAssociate Faculty-Music5B None 
Muresan, BrandenAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Murico, JeffreyFaculty-Philosophy, Religious Studies6551OCT220-062 
Murray, Patricia Instructional Associate - Nursing & Allied Health6384OC510027 
Murray-Cruz, AlluraInterim Student Services Specialist-Student Life & Leadership6280OC345112A 
Muryasz, SandySenior Human Resources Technician6860OCT220-3514 
Musgrave, Alla Associate Faculty-Art  8B 
Myers, MarthaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Myers, ShannonFaculty-Mathematics7702SAN60317A 
Nagai, TyroneFaculty-English6195OCT3141 
Nakamura, LemeeFaculty-Mathematics6219OC36211 
Naranjo, AdolfoGEAR UP Aide III - GEAR UP    
Naranjo, RitaAssociate Faculty-Sociology  8B 
Narisma-Estabillo, GigiAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Natale, ShelleyAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies OCN8B 
Nataraj, LalithaAssociate Faculty-Library6716OC12001200 
Nealon, DeniseAssociate Faculty-Sociology  8B 
Nelson, NicoleAssociate Faculty-Nursing  27 
Nemeth, AngelikaAssociate Faculty-Dance  8B 
Neri, GilbertFaculty-Art 6237OC22685B 
Nestor, RyanAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Neubauer, EricAssociate Faculty - Automotive Technology OC8B 
Newhide , JoeAssociate Faculty: Biology  SAN17A 
Newman, BrettInstructional Associate-Automotive Technology6353OC40008C 
Newtwon, ChazStudent Worker - Financial Aid OCN3A 
Ng, CharlieVice President, Human Resources6830OCT220-046 
Ngo Bartel, TinaDirector, Regional Center of Excellence6889SAN81117A 
Ngo, AnnieFaculty-Business Administration6190OC481021 
Ngo, RickyTechnology Services Analyst OC12242A  
Nguyen, CathyAssociate Faculty-MAT  None 
Nguyen, KhangFaculty-Physics7729SAN50417A 
Nguyen, NhaLocker Room Safety Assistant - Police Enforcement    
Nguyen, ThomasAssociate Faculty- Physical Science  8B 
Nguyen, ThongFaculty-Chemistry7739SAN41217A 
Nguyen, VeeAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Niemann, LisaAssociate Faculty-Business  None 
Nieves, GypsySupport Assistant, Hourly - Community Learning Center CLC  
Nikoukary, AtefehAccounting Specialist6464OCT601-F6 
Nitsch, CynthiaAssociate Faculty-CSIT  8B 
Niuatoa, AmberAssociate Faculty-Sociology  8B 
Noble, TallieSenior Science Lab Associate-Biology6932OC45211 
Nobuhara, MotsumiAssociate Faculty-Japanese  8BJapanese
Noguez de la Cerda, JuanAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Norris, Ilana Uziel Instructor English as a Second Language CLC Noncredit ESL22 
Nugent, KrisAssociate Faculty-Art  17A 
Nydegger, AbreyStudent Services Coordinator-SAS6297OC30123B 
Nyman, AlAssociate Faculty-Administration of Justice  8B 
Obenauer, SaraAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Oberg, AnjeanetteAssociate Faculty-Psychology  8B 
O'Brien, AlanAssociate Faculty-Media Arts &Technologies   8B 
O'Brien, Kathleen Associate Faculty-Music  5B 
Ocampo, MariaAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
O'Connor, ChristinaAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Odom, MichelleFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6631OC514327 
Ogirala, SonyaAdministrative Support Assistant I - Counseling Operations    
Ohnstad, MichelleManager, Library Operations6709OC122131200 
Olejniczak, SarahTitle IX Coordinator - Human Resources650.383.4753 x177OCN14 
Olivier, ThierryAssociate Faculty-French  8B 
Olivo, RafaelAssociate Faculty - NCAHM  22 
Olsen, AnnAssociate Faculty-Art  17A 
Olson-Bermudez, Laura Associate Faculty-Psychology  17A 
Olvera, AnthonyApprentice III - Academic Support & Innovations    
Ongyod, AnthonyFaculty-Communication Studies6559OCT5362 
Onofrey, KarenAssociate Faculty-English/Reading  8B 
Ontiveros, TonyAthletic Trainer6427OC510515 
Orcutt, Lisa Employee Relations Specialist - Human Resources6977On Campus None 
Ordaz, GiselleLibrary Technician II, Public Services6962OC122111200 
Oritz, CarlosCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records    
Orloff, MaiAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Ornelas, CoryAssociate Faculty - Noncredit, Short Term Vocational    
Oropesa, AndrewAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Orozco, JuanPolice Services Officer6640OC110023 
Ortega, NickCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records SAN17B 
Ortega, NickCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records SAN17B 
Ortiz, DemantinaDevelopment Specialist6777OCN7 
Ortiz, KatharineAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  8B 
Orwa, GeorgeAssociate Faculty - Biotechnology Online  
Osborne, PhilipAssociate Faculty-Biology  17A 
Osman, GhadaFaculty-Mental Health Counselor6675OC332610B 
Ovando, JorgeInstructional Associate - Nursing & Allied Health OC510027 
Overman, RitaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Ovwiovwio, PeterProgram Consultant II - Veterans Business Outreach Center    
Ovwiovwio, PeterAssociate Faculty-Business  8B 
Owens, CandyFaculty-EOPS Counseling6544OC30003BSpanish
Owens, JovonAdministrative Support Assistant I-Counseling6670OC370010C 
Ozawa, RieAssociate Faculty-Japanese  8B 
Pacheco, AvaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Paciorek, LauraAssociate Faculty-Child Development  16 
Packard, CarrieAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Padilla, StephanieAssociate Faculty - Letters, Pre-Transfer    
Page, BrianAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Palafox, ArleenInterim Transfer Center Specialist - Transfer Center    
Palanki, MoorthyAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Palmer, Beatriz (Bea)Program Manager-Service Learning6618OC330610BSpanish
Palomino, DavidAssociate Faculty: Physical Science  8B 
Panik, MichelleAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Paopao, AmyOperations Manager - The Learning Centers6389OC10009 
Papera, KaseyAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Pappas, JohnWriting Coach6861OC10241024 
Parekh, AnjouAssociate Counselor, Mental Health OC  
Paris, JenniferElectronic Resources Librarian6244OC122251200 
Park, ManessehSenior Science Lab Associate-Chemistry6520OC45081 
Parker, AmandaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Parker, DavidFaculty-Architecture6557OC45368C 
Parker, MatthewAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Parrott, HeidiAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Partlow, GwenInterim Enrollment Database Specialist - Instructional Support Specialist6813OC 1041 4 
Pastrana, IsraelFaculty-History6470OC45192 
Patel, JenniferAssociate Faculty-Hospitality  TCI 
Patel, KavitaAssociate Faculty-Computer Science  8BGujarati, Hindi
Patton, GillianAssociate Faculty-Psychology  8B 
Paulding, MichaelFaculty-Computer Science2391OCT5568C 
Payton, DuncanStudent Services Coordinator6253OC344212A 
Paz, RigoAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Pearce, SallyAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Peck, KrisCounselor, LD Specialist-SAS6311OC30083B 
Peck, ParisCounselor6970OC371710C 
Pedro, AaronInstructional Assistant-Art6495OC21125A 
Pelayo, ElianaCampus Aide III - Counseling OCN10C 
Pemble, JamieAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Pena, WendyInstructional Aide - Community Learning Center    
Pennant-Jones, TiffanyLibrary Technician I, Technical Services6785OC122141200 
Pentek, JozsefAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Peralta, DeniseECE Office Specialist-Child Development Center6656OC800016 
Peregrino, RamiroTechnology Services Analyst7810SAN11517A 
Perez Lara, JenniferLibrary Technician I, Public Services - Library6313OC122111200 
Perez, BennyCollege Police Sergeant6643OC110023 
Perez, BrizaApprentice III - The Learning Center, ASI    
Perez, CraigAssociate Faculty - ETHN  8B 
Perez, JessicaAssociate Faculty - Mathematics OnlineNone 
Perez, JosilynAssociate Faculty-Counseling  17B 
Perez, SandraAssociate Faculty-Counseling CLC30022 
Perez, TerryStudent Worker FWS - Facilities    
Perez, WallyFaculty-Biotechnology6499OC40571 
Perez-Corona, JessicaInterim Program Manager-Writing Center6339OC12009 
Perkins, AllisonFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health2132OC513727 
Perkins, BreeApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Permetti, JohnMaterial Management Specialist6767OC610020 
Perovic, ZikaHonors Program Coordinator - Mathematics6256OC36201 
Perry, RobertAssociate Faculty-Political Science  8B 
Pescarmona, DenéeVice President, Instructional Services6805OC 10364 
Peters, ErikaFaculty-Physics6390OC45071 
Petitt, AnnelieseIntern - CARE OCN10A 
Petitt, AnnelieseIntern - CARE OCN10A 
Petri, AndreaFaculty-Italian6541OC47028CItalian, Spanish
Phan, DucBiotechnology Associate Faculty OCN8B 
Phan, TinInstructional Computer Lab Assistant - ITS Technology Support Services6519OCN11A 
Phelan, KathrynGrants Specialist - Foundation and Development OCN7 
Phillips, IngridCareer Center Coordinator6165OC4715B8A 
Phillips, JohnFaculty-Political Science6317OCT220-072 
Phillips, JudithAssociate Faculty-Psychology, Gerontology6292 8B 
Phinney, AlisonFaculty - Nursing & Allied Health6567OC513627 
Pianowski, JoshuaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Pickham, KathleenAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Picon, MatthewAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Pimentel, AmyCareer Education Pathways Coordinator6578OC46058C 
Pirir, ScottAssociate Faculty - Athletics    
Pizzorono, MatthewAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Plante, DeniseAssociate Counselor-Career Center6778OC47008A 
Poarch, BenjaminInstructional Assistant-Art6495OC21125A 
Poffinbarger, LuciaAssociate Faculty-General Noncredit  22 
Pohlert, EdwardCounselor OC122210CDutch, Indonesian, Spanish
Pomeroy, SuzanneAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Pompa, PatriciaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Poortenga, DebraAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Popovic, AndjelaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL    
Porras, Angelica Clinical Case Manager: Health Services  None 
Potratz, DonnaAssociate Faculty-English1219 8B 
Powell, BethFaculty-Mathematics6398OC36161 
Powers, LeolaFaculty-Communication Studies6558OC53162 
Powers, TaraAssociate Faculty-Nursing  None 
Prescott, JahBFaculty-English6387OC36181 
Presley, TrevorInterim Lead Groundskeeper8919OC42000 
Press, LisaECE Instructional Specialist-Child Development6656OC800016 
Preston, JudithAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Price III, Robert HAssociate Faculty - CSIT  8B 
Prinyotarn, Lucia Associate Faculty: Nursing and Allied Health Course/Class:IS None 
Provencio, Gabriella Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Admissions & Student Support6968OC3300  
Psuty, IngridAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Puccio, TonyFinancial Aid Supervisor6314OC30283A 
Puffer, LeeAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Pultz, SarahOperations Supervisor, Writing Center - The Learning Centers6320OC10249 
Pynes, SusanAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Quandt, KristinaInterim Administrative Support Assistant II6890OC343212A 
Quesnell, IanaAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Quinones, MariaInstructional Aide - Workforce IOA    
Quintanilla, OliviaFaculty-Ethnic Studies 6521OCT3118C 
Quivey, AmandaAssociate Faculty, Theatre & Film6453OC20185A 
Rabinovich, ElizaAssociate Faculty-ACE/ESL  8B 
Rabold, Ryan BruceAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Radzinski, KarenHuman Resources Analyst - Human Resources OCN14 
Rae, RosemaryAssociate Faculty - MAT  8B 
Raffaele, DavidAssociate Faculty - HORT OCN8B 
Ragazzo, AracelyAdministrative Assistant to the Dean-Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness6597OC10577Spanish
Rahmani, FaridehAssociate Faculty-Economics  8B 
Rakestraw, AngelinaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, Writing Center    
Ramirez Ibanez, JorgeFinancial Aid Advisor OC30313A 
Ramirez Ibarra, Nidya Associate Counselor (Mental Health): Health Services  None 
Ramirez Ibarra, Nidya Associate Counselor (Mental Health): Health Services  None 
Ramirez, ChristianAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL CLC22 
Ramirez, Eriberto "Eddie"Associate Faculty - Library6716OC12001200 
Ramirez, FreddyDean Admissions & Student Support6505OC302110B 
Ramirez, MaricelaAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Ramirez, OswaldoFaculty-Continuing Education Counseling2130CLC14222 
Ramos, DeanFaculty-Art6443OC22685B 
Rand, PatriciaCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records OCN10A 
Randle, RaulAssociate Faculty - Business OCN8B 
Ravanbaksh, HosseinAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Turkish
Rawleigh, LoriAssociate Faculty-English & Reading  8B 
Rayan, MahaAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Rector, R. RayAssociate Faculty-Oceanography  8B 
Redfeather, AmyAssociate Faculty - Noncredit, General CLC22-100 
Reed, CyrianAssociate Faculty-Dance   5C 
Reeve, MoniqueAcademic Division Administrative Assistant-Career Education6841OC705419 
Reeves, DeborahAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Reilly, JeannieAssociate Faculty-Design Drafting, Engineering  8B 
Relopez, AndrewSenior Science Lab Associate-Biotechnology OC40501 
Rennick, SharonAssociate Faculty - NURS  No Mail Station 
Renovato, MarisolAdministrative Support Assistant III-EOPS6945OC30003B 
Reyes, GregorioInterim Student Services Coordinator-Student Equity6973OCT305-C10C 
Reyes, KristiFaculty-Noncredit ESL8745CLC22 
Reyna, Juan CarlosInterim Dean of Counseling and Student Development - Counseling6893OCN10C 
Ricardez, PerlitaCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records OCN, Online10A 
Ricardez-Veasey, ViviAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Ricci, JanetAssociate Faculty-Psychology  8B 
Ricci, JanetInstructional Aide-Noncredit ESL9710 8B 
Riccitelli, MelindaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Rice, WilliamAssociate Faculty - Automotive Technology OCN8B 
Rich, GaryAssociate Faculty - Music    
Rich, SpencerBusiness Advisor-SBDC8740TCI/SBDCTCI/SBDC 
Richer, JamesAssociate Faculty-Automotive Technology  8B 
Ricks, LaurenAssociate Faculty - NURS  No Mail Station 
Riesebieter, JochenCustodian-Facilities1265 0 
Riggs, MiriamAssociate Faculty-History  17A 
Rilling, JerryUtility Custodian6875OC42000 
Ringer, JillInstructional Computer Lab Lead-ITS6849OC-T210 (Open Computer Lab)11A 
Rios, KinetaBusiness Systems Analyst, CRM6854T260-144 
Rivas, AmberAssociate Faculty - Counseling6909OC330810C 
Rivas, KatieAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Rivera, JuanAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Roberson, BridgetteApprentice III - The Learning Centers, Writing Center    
Roberson, RussAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Roberts, AaronFaculty-English6218OC36181 
Roberts, AnnieAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  17A 
Roberts, SusanAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Robertson, EricFaculty-Communication Studies7741SAN60817A 
Robinson, JulieAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Robinson, MaxBuilding Maintenance Mechanic III7742SAN70017A 
Robinson, RobertAssociate Faculty - ATHL  15 
Robinson, RobertHead Coach-Men's Basketball6964OC510715 
Robinson, SilviaAssociate Faculty - NURS  No Mail Station 
Rocha-Duarte, Maria-IsabelInterim Grant Activity Director2144OC30003A 
Rocker, BryanNetwork Specialist-Telephones6766OC1225711A 
Rodrigues, JaredInterim Director, Student Services San Elijo7806SAN93317A 
Rodriguez Dominguez, CarlosStudent Support Advisor - Student Services Welcome Center6284OC 330010ASpanish
Rodriguez Valencia, EmmanuelAssociate Faculty - NCESL  22 
Rodriguez, ArthurAccounting Technician2118OCT601-G6 
Rodriguez, BrittanyCampus Aide III - Admissions and Records OCN  
Rodriguez, ChristinaPrinting & Copy Services Specialist6765/6744OC340018 
Rodriguez, JessicaSenior Human Resources Technician6856OCT220-3614 
Rodriguez, KathyDirector of Admissions & Records/Registrar6623OC330910A 
Rodriguez, LuzAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Rodriguez, RosaAssociate Faculty - Library6716OC12001200 
Rodriguez, VivianaStudent Employment Coordinator-Career Studies & Services6493OC4715A8A 
Rodriguez-Castillo, JoseAssociate Faculty CLC22 
Rodriquez, ThaliaStudent Support Advisor - Welcome Center7817SAN17B 
Rogel, ElizaMSW Intern - CARE OCN10A 
Rogers, KenAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Rohr, SteveAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  8B 
Rojas, JorgeAssistant Coach-Women's Soccer6194OC520015 
Rolland, BenjaminAssociate Faculty, Anthropology Online8B 
Romero, BrittanyAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Romero, Judith Mental Health Counseling Intern    
Romero, LauraAdministrative Support Assistant II - PIO OCN Spanish
Romero, ToreyAssociate Faculty - Communication Studies    
Ronquillo, AndrewAssociate Faculty - Philosophy  None 
Roofener, NataliaInstructional Computer Lab Assistant6519/7760OC/SAN (Open Lab)17C 
Rossman, Julia Associate Faculty Department: Biotechnology OCN8B 
Ross-Ma'u, Koliniusi "Keli"Associate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Rostami-Brojerdi, SamiraAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  17A 
Rostworowski Stocco, CarolinaAssociate Faculty-ACE/ESL  22 
Rothe, JuliaAccounting Specialist - Fiscal Services T601F6 
Rothenhaus, MomokoAssociate Faculty-Japanese  8B 
Rowland, MichelleAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Roy, DeyaAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies  None 
Roybal, MarilynAcademic Division Administrative Assistant-Oceanside6808OC46008B 
Rubio, JohnGardener Groundskeeper6875OC42000 
Russell, JenniferAdministrative Support Assistant I-Health Services7747OC332617A 
Russo, PatrickAssociate Faculty - Physical Sciences OCN8B 
Ruston, CornelDirector, Security & Infrastructure Systems6737OC1223211A 
Ruvalcaba, ZakInterim Enterprise Applications Developer6668OC1225611ASpanish
Rybicki, MichaelInstructional Associate-Art6445OC21015A 
Saadat, AliAssociate Faculty: Mathematics Online   
Sabellico, MichaelBusiness Advisor-Veterans Business Outreach Center8740VBOCVBOC/TCI 
Sachs, RobinAssociate Faculty-Child Development1356 16 
Sadatmand, DeanAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Sadeghipour, FaridAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Safaralian, LeilaFaculty-Mathematics6304OC36171 
Safotu, SauafaoHealth Services Assistant6675OC332610B 
Said, AsmaAssociate Faculty-Astronomy  None 
Saint Rose, MarvinAporentice III - STEM Learning Center    
Saki, SerinehAssociate Faculty - Nursing  None 
Sakrekoff, AlexandriaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, Writing     
Salami, BahmanAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  17A 
Salamon, JoeFaculty-Physical Science6401OC45191 
Salazar, IsaacCampus Aide III - Admissions & Records OCN10A 
Salib, SarraAssociate Faculty - Accounting OCN8B 
Sallaberry, CleliaAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Salvatierra, GGAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Sam, Kelly AnnAssociate Faculty-Library6716OC12001200 
Samac, LinaInstructional Aide - Workforce IOA    
Sanchez Venegas, AmbrocioCustodian - Facilities    
Sanchez, HortensiaInterim Operations Supervisor - Admissions & Records6209OC333010A 
Sanchez, RicardoCampus Aide I - School Relations/Diversity Recruitment    
Sanchez, SerenaInterim Administrative Support Assistant III 6897OC344312A 
Sanchez, TanessaAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Sanchez, VioletaFaculty-English6196OC36141 
Sanchez-Garzon, MariselaAssociate Counselor - Counseling    
Sandoval Arredondo, JoseVehicle & Equipment Maintenance Assistant - Facilities6694OCN0 
Sandoval, AnaInstructional Aide-ESL9710CLC22 
Sandoval, Crystal Lane (CLS)Associate Faculty-Communication Studies  None 
Sandoval, JoseVehicle & Equipment Maintenance Assistant - Grounds    
Sandoval, KevinBusiness Systems Analyst-Student Success & Support6946OC333010A 
Sangsanoi, SamanthaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  None 
Sankaranarayanan, SuganyaFaculty-Business2151OCT1118C 
Santiago, CoralApprentice I - Child Development Center    
Santos, DavidInterim Police Sergeant6639OC110023 
Sarmiento, RodrigoStudent Services Specialist-Athletics & Intramurals6409OC510815 
Saunders, ChristianPolice Officer OC23 
Sautia, TerenceStudent Support Advisor - Student Services, Welcome Center    
Savage, BrettAssociate Faculty - Political Science Online8B 
Sayble, DebraAssociate Faculty-Business Office Technology, CSIT  8B 
Sayre, LisaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Scaduto, EnzaAssociate Faculty-English1235 8B 
Scaife, KateStudent Services Specialist-CalWORKs/EOPS6933OC30183B 
Scavone, AlexAssociate Faculty-Philosophy  8B 
Scavone, MiaCoordinator IIP6896OC344312A 
Schaeffer, BrianaBenefits Technician6978OC100014 
Scharff, NateFaculty-Business Administration6555OC48138C 
Schlueter, JedFaculty-Transfer Center Counseling7743SAN110817B 
Schneider, LoriAdministrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President-ITS6637OC1222911A 
Schoneman, JeffWriting Coach6861OC10241024 
Schubel, KathrynAssociate Faculty-Earth Science, Oceanography  17A 
Schultz, AlisonECE Instructional Specialist-Child Development6656OC800016 
Schultz, LuisaAssociate Faculty-Design Drafting  None 
Schuster, CindyAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Schwartz, DanielleLibrary Technician I, Public Services7850SAN13317C 
Scott James, MicheleAssociate Faculty-History  8B 
Sears, DavidCustodial Maintenance Worker6875SAN17A 
Selchau, LisaAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Selchau, VictorAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Senigaglia, AngelaFaculty-Noncredit English8721CLC22 
Sepulveda, JeanineFaculty-Biology6502OC46091 
Sepulveda, JonathanAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  None 
Serrano, AriannaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, ASI & Writing Center    
Serrano, DianaAssociate Faculty - Counseling OCN10C 
Serrano, JoanneDual Enrollment Instructor - ESL  None 
Sexton, DoriCashier II-Student Accounts6534OC320226 
Sharma, Shikshya Student Worker/Orientation & Student Support On Campus None 
Sharp, ChristinaFaculty-Business6399OC481021 
Sharp, ToniAdministrative Assistant to the Dean-Arts, International Languages, & Ethnic Studies 6844OC27045CSpanish
Shaw, TerrenceDirector-Student Life & Leadership6899OC343712A 
Shay, BrianAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  None 
Sherrell, AshleyFinancial Aid Technician - Financial Aid6386OC30043A 
Shetty, AnishaApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Shimabukuro, LaurenAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  8B 
Shooshtary, SamAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10C 
Shoukry, LilahInterim CARE Manager - CARE2135OC10B 
Siegel, DanielFaculty-Music6434OC22155B 
Silva, AngelApprentice III - The Learning Centers, ASI    
Silva, MarianaFaculty-Noncredit ESL8876CLC22 
Silven, NaagenAssociate Faculty-Media Arts & Technologies, Art  8B 
Silverman, JoeAssociate Faculty-Economics  8B 
Simonds, KimPurchasing Supervisor6755OCT60020 
Singleton, CharityInterim Development Officer-Foundation6777OCT250-127 
Sipman, GlorianTechnical Services & Collection Development Librarian6722OC122151200 
Sisario, TaraInterim Administrative Assistant to the Dean6816OC27045C 
Sivri, Ecenur Instructor English as a Second Language CLCNone 
Sixto Avendano, UlisesInterim Student Services Specialist - CARE2168OC344212ASpanish, English
Skalman, ArenAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Skoda, ErinAssociate Faculty-Nutrition  8B 
Sleeper, ChristopherFaculty-History6514OCT270-052 
Slomka, CatherineAssociate Faculty-Nutrition  8B 
Small, Rachel Associate Faculty Department: Chemistry  OCN8B 
Smith, DanielleLearning Coach - The Learning Centers, Writing Center OCN9 
Smith, DeanPolice Community Service Officer6640OC110023 
Smith, DonaldCampus Aide II - Athletics & Intramurals    
Smith, ElleProgram Manager-First Year Forward2137OC330810A 
Smith, JohnAssociate Faculty-Automotive Technology OCN8B 
Smith, KirstenPayroll Specialist2108OCT220-0514 
Smith, SeanAssociate Faculty-Business1396 8B 
Smyth, NicoleAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Sneary, CarolynHuman Resources Supervisor6855OCT220-00814 
Sneary, JacobPolice Sergeant6640OC110023 
Snortum, EricFaculty-Oceanography2152SAN5041 
Snyder, AdamApprentice III - STEM Learning Center    
Sobti, GinniInstructional Aide-Noncredit ESL9710CLC22 
Solbach, JoelAssociate Faculty - Chemistry  8B 
Solis, ArianaAssociate Faculty-Counseling  10CSpanish
So'oto, Savannah Interim Administrative Athletic Support Assistant  None 
Soto, DianaAdmissions & Records Specialist-Transcripts6625OC330010ASpanish
Soto, RaulAssociate Faculty - Computer Science OCN8B 
Soto-Gomez, KathleenAssociate Faculty-Sociology  8B 
Sourivanh, ShawnaInterim Director - Human Resources6976OC100514 
Spencer, RichBusiness Advisor-SBDC8740SBDC/TCISBDC/TCI 
Spencer, SarahAssociate Faculty NURS On Campus 8B 
Spilkin, AmyAssociate Faculty-Psychology Online17A 
Spittal, JimAssociate Faculty-Design Drafting  8B 
Sprague, TerryAssociate Faculty-Dance & Film  17A 
Stadwiser, MarkAssociate Faculty - Business  8B 
Stamp, AaronAssociate Faculty - Biotechnology  8B 
Stamp, LeanneAssociate Faculty- Music  None 
Stark, HeatherAssociate Faculty-English  17A 
Steele, KellyCashier II - Cashier OCN26 
Stehly, AlyshaAssociate Faculty-Horticulture  8B 
Sterling, Bobby Police Sergeant  OCNone 
Stevens, PhillipCommunity Services Officer6318OC110023 
Stewart, WendyInterim Chief IDEA Officer6892OC1036None 
Stickel, LeannaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Stillinger, DeniseAssociate Faculty-Biology  17A 
Stoffer, PhilAssociate Faculty-Oceanography/Earth Science  8B 
Stone, GregTechnology Services Analyst-ITS6257OC12240A11A 
Stoner, CarlaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Stramaglia, MarkInterim Director, Enterprise Application Services6725OC1224911A 
Stramaglia, MarkAssociate Faculty-Computer Science  11A 
Strang, AinsleyApprentice III - STEM Learning Center    
Strang, AlessaLearning Coach - The Learning Centers, ASI    
Strassner, NancyAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Strauss, JustinAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Streagle, JenniferECE Program Specialist-Child Development6656OC800016 
Strona, JacobFaculty-English6270OCT1121 
Strong, MercedesAssociate Faculty-Adult High School  22 
Strong, MercedesAssociate Faculty-BOT  22 
Struttmann, MarieAssociate Faculty-Business  8B 
Stubblefield, ShannonVice President-Office of Advancement6775OC10477 
Sturdevant, LeahAssistant Athletic Trainer-Athletics & Intramurals6427OC510615 
Sullivan, JimFaculty-English6303OCT3181Spanish
Sullivan, PatriciaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit General  22 
Sutton, MichaelAssociate Faculty-Design  None 
Swank, LolaCommunity Ed. Youth Specialist6822TCI38TCI 
Swift, KennethAssociate Faculty-Design Drafting, Engineering  8B 
Taccone, AlDean, Career Education6807OC481919 
Taccone, AlbertAssociate Faculty-Accounting6807OC481919 
Tachibana, SayakaStudent Services Coordinator - International Office6377OC344312AJapanese
Tade, TammyAssociate Faculty-Nursing  None 
Taft, JessicaPolice Services Officer6468OC110023 
Talbergs, JoyAssociate Faculty-Career Studies8727 17A 
Tamrakar, SamaAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Tamura, KatrinaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Tapia, MinervaAssociate Faculty-Dance  5A 
Tarman, ChrisDean-Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness6846OC10587 
Tasulis, VirginiaAssociate Faculty - Psyc Online 8B 
Taylor, KaarinaStudent Services Coordinator6290OC333410B 
Taylor, KrystleCounselor, LD Specialist-SAS6271OC30113B 
Taylor, MaleineAdminstrative Support Assistant III - Counseling & Student Dev.    
Taylor, ScottAssociate Faculty-Media Arts & Technologies  8B 
Templin, LoisAccounting Supervisor6831OCT601-A6 
Terry, MelvinAssociate Faculty-Media Arts & Technologies  8B 
Tewes, KatieAssociate Counselor-SAS  3B 
Thakker, NamitaAssociate Faculty - Business    
Thomas, RyanAssociate Faculty-Dance   5A 
Thomassen, DanielleAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Thomford, JohnFaculty-Biology6410OC45181 
Thompson, JessicaAssociate Faculty-Philosophy  17A 
Thompson, JonInstructional Assistant-Design Drafting6523OC45008C 
Thompson, JonathanInstructional Assistant - Design    
Thompson, SaraAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Thornberry, DanielleExecutive Assistant - Human Resources OCN14 
Thuleen, NancyAssociate Faculty-German  8B 
Tiffany, BridgetAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Tingzon, VeronicaAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health   8B
Tirona, SinclaireAssociate Faculty-Communication Studies6291On Campus 10B 
Tirona, TaylorAssociate Faculty-Counseling, CRLP  10C 
Tisdale, LisaAdministrative Assistant to the Dean-Continuing & Community Education8716CLC100A22 
Toharia, CristinaFaculty-French6322OC47038C 
Torma, ZsuzsannaTechnology Support Services6529OC1200 (Open Lab)11A 
Torok, SteveFaculty-Music6438OC22155B 
Torres, FranciscoAssociate Faculty-Music  None 
Toto, PaulaAssociate Faculty-Biotechnology  8B 
Townsend, HirokoAssociate Faculty-Japanese  8B 
Tracey, RebeccaAssociate Faculty-AHSDP  8B 
Tran, Duong Student Help Desk Technician-ITS6655OC-T21011A 
Traugh, StevenAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Traykova, DanielaSenior Science Lab Associate-Biotechnology6328OC40501 
Tremblay, JimCommunity Service Officer-College Police6507OC110023 
Trepkau, Julie Choi Mental Health Counseling Intern  None 
Treptow, RosaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Trescott, LisaResearch Analyst-Student Success & Support/SE6938OC10537 
Trinidad, JenniferInterim VetSuccess on Campus Rep6332OCT10225 
Trousset, NicoleAssociate Faculty-Sociology  17A 
Troxel, SaraCopy Operator-Copy Center6744OC340018 
Truong, MichaelClinical Case Manager - Health Services OCN10B 
Truong, ReneeStudent Support Specialist - Admissions & Records6386OC303112A 
Trzos, ThomasAssociate Faculty-CSIT  17A 
Trzoss, LynnieFaculty-Chemistry2393OC48131 
Tsuyuki, ChadFaculty-English6229OC36191 
Tuck, ShellyAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Tucker Sade, AlexisFaculty-Anthropology7444SAN51217A 
Tuise'e, ShannonAdministrative Support Assistant III-Athletics6194OC520715Samoan
Turbeville, JohnFaculty-Geology/Oceanography6413OC46091 
Turk, ShaylahAssociate Counselor-SAS6271OC30113B 
Turner, MichaelInterim Facilities Manager - Facilities6693OC42170 
Turpin, KarenOnline Instructional Technologist6787OCT250T250 
Udupa, SrikrishnaAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Ulrich-Schlumbohm, GwenAssociate Faculty-History  17A 
Umbas, RobertCustodian6232OC42000 
Undan, ChristinaAccountant II - Fiscal Services6834OCT601-G6 
Underwood, ScottAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Unger, ChrisCollege Police Officer6119 23 
Ura, MasakoAssociate Faculty Psychology  None 
Urzi Tumino, AmberlynnApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Vail, SteveFaculty-Automotive Technology6354OC40188C 
Vala, SteffenAssociate Faculty-Media, Arts &Technologies  8B 
Valencia, Rowell Associate Faculty: Nursing and Allied Health OC8B 
Valente, MarcelTechnology Services Analyst- ITS2109OC12243A11A 
Valenzuela, KaraAssociate Faculty - NCESL  22 
Van Nostran, MelissaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Van Schoik, JolieAssociate Faculty-Child Development  8B 
Vanags, Patricia KellerAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Varela, ValerieInterim Admissions and Records Specialist  None 
Varela, ValerieCommittee on Exceptions (COE) Coordinator OC370010C 
Varga, BrentAssociate Faculty - Computer Science OnlineNone 
Vargas, OliviaAssociate Faculty-Spanish  8B 
Vargas, StaceyAssistant Athletic Trainer6427OC510515 
Vasko, DaraInstructional Assistant-Art OC22005A 
Vasquez Gonzales, CynthiaFaculty-Continuing Education Counseling8731CLC14322 
Vasquez, AidaAssociate Faculty - Noncredit ESL CLC22-100 
Vasquez, karrisaPolice Dispatcher/Records Technician6640OC110023 
Vasquez, SylviaAdministrative Support Assistant II-Human Resources6573OCT220-2114 
Vaught, TammyAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Vega, BarbaraAssociate Faculty, Short Term Vocational    
Vega, Nicolas Associate Faculty NURS On Campus 8B 
Vela-Che, ChristianAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Velasco, CarlosAdministrative Suppport Assistant I-Transfer Center6880 10C 
Velati Tirona, VirginiaAssociate Faculty-Library6716OC12001200Spanish
Velazquez, KimberlyAssociate Faculty-Biology  8B 
Venegas, MaricelaInerim HR Technician-Human Resources2116OC10196 
Venegas, Yolanda SantiagoAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Ventrone, JillAssociate Faculty-Counseling OC370010C 
Vera, StaceyAssociate Faculty-Accounting  8B 
Verastegui, SashaAssociate Faculty-Continuing Education Counseling  22 
Vidal, LiliaFaculty-Spanish6539OC31262 
Vierling, AndrewCampus Aide I - Honors    
Vilchez, KatherineAssociate Faculty-Counseling  22Spanish
Villalobos, CristinaAssistant Business Systems Analyst OC 330010A 
Villane, FloreneAssociate Faculty-Film  8B 
Villegas, RosaInstructional Aide-Noncredit ESL9710 22 
Vinci, RobynAssociate Faculty-Adult Noncredit  22 
Viramontes, RosaFaculty-Spanish6252OC47038C 
Vivar, MelodyTransfer Center Specialist6880OC370010C 
Vivas-Orozco, AbigailAdministrative Support Assistant I - Transfer Center OC370010C 
Vivas-Orozco, AbigailAssociate Counselor - Transfer Center OC370010C 
Viveros, EvaAssistant Registrar7872SAN110517B 
Vizcarra, JaelAssociate Faculty - Ethnic Studies    
von Winckelmann, StaceyAssociate Faculty-Library6716OC12001200 
Vong, BinhAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Vu, AlbertSenior Science Lab Associate-Biology7874SAN40117A 
Vu, ThyMath Learning Coach-MLC6381 OC10689 
Waali, JaamiAssociate Faculty-Dance  5A 
Waddell, EmileeField Office Manager - Kitchell OC Campus, Bldg. T120 Kitchell Trailer on None 
Wade, ShawndaAssociate Faculty - BUS OnlineNo Mail Station 
Wadley, JohnathanAssociate Faculty-Political Science  None 
Waite, GabeGraphic Design Coordinator-Public Information Office6614OC10667 
Walcott, PhilipInterim Program Manager-Veterans Services6494OCT10325 
Walcutt, JohnAssociate Faculty-Film  5A 
Walders, PatrickAssociate Faculty - Music  5B 
Waldon, RussellInterim Dean, Letters, Humanities & Communication Studies7854SAN112317A 
Walker, BekkahAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Walker, CatherineFaculty-Computer Science6476OC 46218C 
Walker, HollyInterim Human Resources Systems Specialist - Human Resources2172OCT22014 
Walker, MarkAssociate Faculty - Mathematics Online8B 
Walker, TinaFaculty-Biology2134OC48111 
Walker-Pinneo, AmyAssociate Faculty-Hospitality  8B 
Wallace, Yvonne Associate Faculty: Nursing and Allied Health OC8B 
Waller, RogerCustodial Supervisor6574OC42180 
Wamboldt, MakaylaAssociate Faculty - NCESL  17A 
Wang, SkylarOperations Supervisor, STEMLC Science - The Learning Centers6388OC10689 
Ward, GeorgeAssociate Faculty-Short Term Vocational and CSIT  22 & 8B 
Ward, MelissaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Warfield, MalcolmAssociate Faculty-Administration of Justice  8B 
Warner, SarahAssociate Faculty - Nursing  8B 
Warner-Saadat, ValChief of Police & Campus Safety6642OC110023 
Warren, KristaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit Continuing Ed.8727 22 
Waszak, CarmenAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL CLC22-100 
Waterman, LauraAssociate Faculty - NCESL  22 
Watson, PatCommunity Education Assistant I6821TCI1TCI 
Watts, TammahAssociate Counselor (Mental Health): Health Services OC  
Webster, AngelaAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Weinberg, SadieAssociate Faculty-Dance  5A 
Weirather, AnnaAssociate Faculty-Medical Administrative Professional  8B 
Weitman, AlisonAssociate Faculty-Library6716OC120012000 
Welch-Scalco, RhondaFaculty-Child Development2392OCT1148C 
Weldele, BrianAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Welsh, CarrieAdministrative Support Assistant II-SoCal VBOC8739SAN80017A 
West, ClayAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
West, JanelleFaculty-Biology6145OC48111 
Westlake, OmaidaAssociate Faculty-Spanish1212 8B 
Wezniak, SteveAssociate Faculty - Adult High School8715CLC22-100 
Wheatley, AllyAssociate Faculty-Kinesiology  17A 
Whitbread, BrianAssociate Faculty-Administration of Justice1333 8B 
White , DavidAssociate Faculty-Art   8B 
White, KatieDirector, Fiscal Services6832OCT601-A6 
White, KendrickInstructional Associate-Medical Administrative Professional6901OC440527 
White, LonnieTechnology Services Analyst6740OC12240B11A 
White, MichelleAssociate Faculty-Business  8B 
White, RickFaculty - CSIT2160OCT5388C 
Whiting, MichaelAssociate Faculty-Art  5A 
Whitman, ErinAssociate Faculty-Art   8B 
Whyde, LoisAssociate Faculty-Horticulture  8B 
Wickes, BrandonAssociate Faculty - HORT OnlineNo Mail Station 
Wieman, EmmyAssistant Coach - Athletics & Intramurals    
Wiestling, JaysonAssociate Faculty: Mathematics Online 8B 
Wilburn, ElsieAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Wilkinson, NikkiInterim Administrative Support Assistant II-Veterans Services6285OCT10025 
Wilkinson, SeanAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Williams, ArnoldoFaculty-Automotive Technology6312OC40188C 
Williams, CurtisAssociate Faculty-Physical Science  None 
Williams, DanielleTemporary Administrative Support Assistant I-Student Life & Leadership6890OC343212A 
Williams, EdwinaAssociate Faculty-Sociology  8B 
Williams, JasonAssociate Faculty-English1317 8B 
Williams, KristiAssociate Faculty - Art SAN17A 
Williams, TracyFaculty-Theatre & Film6448OC20105A 
Williamson, DonaldTechnology Services Analyst-ITS6735OC1224511A 
Williford, AmyAssociate Faculty-Chemistry  8B 
Willis Fernandez, YasmineInterim Student Services Specialist-Student Equity6918OC344510C 
Willis, HeidiInterim Enrollment Database Specialist - Instructional Services6827OC 10424 
Wilson, KatherineAssociate Faculty-Theatre  5A 
Wish, KristiFaculty-Transfer Center Counseling7786SAN111217B 
Wohl, SamAssociate Faculty- Art  8B 
Wojcik, AlketaVice President of Student Services6898OC330410A 
Wolfe, WilliamAssociate Faculty-Administration of Justice  8B 
Wolpov, Hoang-Thuong (Ti)Associate Faculty-Noncredit Basic Skills  22 
Wong, KeauRegional Director, Biotech/Life Sciences6250OCT5338B 
Woo, DanitaAssociate Faculty - Drama  5A 
Wood, SyndeeAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Woodard, ClaudiaAssociate Faculty-Spanish Online  
Woodard, JohnAssociate Faculty-Career Studies6772 8B 
Woodward, KathleenAssociate Faculty - NURS  8B 
Woolley, ErinA&R Assistant6287OC330010A 
Worley, MichelleAssociate Faculty, Psychology  None 
Wozow, AshleyApprentice III - The Learning Centers, ASI    
Wright, CharleneAssociate Faculty-Geography  8B 
Xuereb, BobbieAssociate Faculty-Library7864SAN10017C 
Yager, MelissaAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Yan, GenevieveAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B 
Yanez, CesarIrrigation Specialist-Facilities1371OC42000 
Yarritu, ElenaAssociate Faculty-Music  5B 
Yax, NicoleCollege Police Communications/Records Supervisor6641OC110023 
Yeghian, NairaAssociate Faculty - Business    
Yinger, JustinGardner/Groundskeeper6875OC43000 
Young, ChrisAssociate Faculty-Business  8B 
Zacarias, Marisol Interim Admissions & Records Specialist - Admissions & Records OC343217BEnglish, Spanish
Zafra Lopez, CristinaTesting Services Assistant2187OC333410B 
Zahedani, HeydarAssociate Faculty-Mathematics1205 8B 
Zahedi, ShahrzadAssociate Faculty-French  8B 
Zaman, AfifaFaculty-Counseling7547SAN110017AFarsi/Dari
Zambrano, PatriciaAssociate Faculty - Art OCN8B 
Zamora Gonzalez, SandraAdministrative Support Assistant III - HR (Temp/Hourly)6822 14 
Zamora, AngelicaGEARUP School Site Coordinator - Office of Student Services6570OCT55013 
Zamora-DeHart, AnaliaInterim Program Manager - Service Learning6616OC330610B 
Zapata Pichon, JesusAssociate Faculty-Physical Science  17A 
Zapf, JamesAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health  None 
Zavodny, AnastasiaAssociate Faculty-Business  8B 
Zepeda, MagdalenaFaculty-Counseling6299OC371710CSpanish
Zimmerman, CindyAssociate Faculty-Art  8B 
Zimmerman, DelAssociate Faculty-Noncredit ESL  22 
Zimmerman, FrankAssociate Faculty-Athletics6960OCT53915 
Zimmerman, MichaelAssociate Faculty-English  8B 
Zimmermann, AndreasApprentice III - The Learning Centers, STEM    
Zirzow, JenniferAssociate Faculty-Nursing  8B 
Zorzin, MariaInstructional Aide-Noncredit ESL9710 22 
Zwanziger, CarmelynAssociate Faculty - Nursing & Allied Health    
Zwenerneman, JaneAssociate Faculty-Music  None 
Zyburt, JoeAssociate Faculty-Mathematics  8B