MiraCosta College Programs Help Students Connect with Community


As soon as Jinhui Wang started her English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at MiraCosta College, she knew she was in the right place.


Originally from China, Jinhui was searching for a school that would help her learn English so that she could better serve her community. The only challenge was that it had been years since she last stepped foot in a classroom. Jinhui knew she needed to find a place that would help her adjust back into student life if she wanted to pursue her passions.


When she stumbled across MiraCosta College while searching online, the connection between teachers and their students really stood out to her. Though even that didn’t prepare Jinhui for the level of support she would soon receive on campus.


“Enrolling at MiraCosta College was exciting,” shared Jinhui, who commutes an hour and a half to take ESL classes on campus. “Even though it was almost 20 years since I was last in school, it was a precious opportunity to expand my knowledge.”


Continued Jinhui, “From the beginning, professors at MiraCosta College have been so nice, so professional, and so patient. Whenever I wanted to give up, my teachers would tell me that I could keep going and helped me become patient, taking everything step by step.”


As Jinhui explained, going back to school later in life is never easy, especially when it is to learn a language. Fortunately, the level of personal support that MiraCosta College professors and staff have provided has been a gamechanger.


The librarians on campus have helped Jinhui navigate all the free study resources so that she can absorb the language and culture faster, her professors spend extra time ensuring she understands each new lesson, and the counselors have worked with Jinhui to explore her career pathways and future opportunities.


“At MiraCosta College, I know I’m getting the most of my education,” explained Jinhui, who has attended more than 10 courses and attributes the Community Learning Center and countless resources with helping her overcome the language barrier and cultural difference. “Whether it’s the L6 and L7 courses helping me absorb the culture and language, or the Workplace and Bridge to Career courses helping me adapt to college life, the Community Learning Center is able to meet so many of my different needs.”


Not only have Jinhui’s professors been integral in expanding her language skills, but they have also played an important role in helping her regain her confidence.


Shared Jinhui, “Taking ESL classes at the MiraCosta College Community Learning Center is great. At the end of every class, our professors make time for any questions we may have or simply to discuss how we feel about the latest subject. This ‘question time’ has been so helpful in my growth, and it shows just how much teachers care about my experience.”


While she knows there is more work to be done, Jinhui is excited about what the future holds. She is currently working toward her goal of completing the courses necessary to become certified in tax preparation and planning, after which she hopes to earn a master’s degree in accounting so she can help the people around him with her financial expertise.

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