ZTC & LTC Classes

The college strives to ensure that the ZTC and LTC designations are accurate; however, under some circumstances, faculty may have to adjust selection of instructional materials and this can affect course material costs. It may also be necessary to change instructors. Replacement faculty have academic freedom to choose instructional materials regardless of costs and are not obligated to use free course materials selected by an instructor previously assigned to the class.

Programming for Animation, Interactivity, and Games

This course emphasizes creative coding and programming for interactive media, including 2D games, web, and multimedia applications. Students learn to code within the context of the visual arts using JavaScript, Processing, and/or JavaScript frameworks such as p5.js, CreateJS, or PhaserJS. Students explore the creative and technical aspects of designing interactive user experiences that integrate media, animation, and interactivity. Additional topics include user interface design, experience design, interactive storytelling, game design, animation techniques, and developing content for delivery across a variety of platforms and devices.

Subject: MAT
Course Number: 190
Section Number: 2417
Units: 3
Instructor: Cleveland, Karl

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