ZTC & LTC Classes

The college strives to ensure that the ZTC and LTC designations are accurate; however, under some circumstances, faculty may have to adjust selection of instructional materials and this can affect course material costs. It may also be necessary to change instructors. Replacement faculty have academic freedom to choose instructional materials regardless of costs and are not obligated to use free course materials selected by an instructor previously assigned to the class.

Biological Anthropology Laboratory

Designed to accompany ANTH 101/ANTH 101H, this laboratory allows students to garner practical experience with the scientific method, genetic models, simulations of evolutionary processes, primate skeletal anatomy, primate behavior and ecology, human osteology, human variation, and casts and artifacts representing selected stages in human evolution. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for ANTH 101L or ANTH 101LH. C-ID ANTH-115L.

Subject: ANTH
Course Number: 101L
Section Number: 2074
Units: 1
Instructor: Chan, Keith

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