ZTC & LTC Classes

The college strives to ensure that the ZTC and LTC designations are accurate; however, under some circumstances, faculty may have to adjust selection of instructional materials and this can affect course material costs. It may also be necessary to change instructors. Replacement faculty have academic freedom to choose instructional materials regardless of costs and are not obligated to use free course materials selected by an instructor previously assigned to the class.

Introduction to Computer Science II: Java

This course uses topics of personal and social relevance to investigate the impacts of computing through exploring advanced object-oriented programming concepts such as abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. Topics include recursion, generics, event-driven programming, graphical user interfaces, file input and output, and exception handling.

Subject: CS
Course Number: 112
Section Number: 2008
Units: 3
Instructor: Chapeton Lamas, Nery

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