ZTC & LTC Classes

The college strives to ensure that the ZTC and LTC designations are accurate; however, under some circumstances, faculty may have to adjust selection of instructional materials and this can affect course material costs. It may also be necessary to change instructors. Replacement faculty have academic freedom to choose instructional materials regardless of costs and are not obligated to use free course materials selected by an instructor previously assigned to the class.

Human Relations in Business

This course covers the major themes of human relations, including self-awareness, communication, motivation, and conflict resolution, from psychological, sociological, and physiological perspectives. It emphasizes interpersonal skills that promote personal and professional success in a culturally diverse, global, and high-tech business environment. Topics include the identification of values, ethics, teamwork, and leadership-skill development. The course also examines strategies that can be utilized to attain physical and emotional well-being with the workplace.

Subject: BUS
Course Number: 136
Section Number: 1458
Units: 3
Instructor: Darlington, Cynthia

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