214 Open Fall Courses

Oceanside: 1 Barnard Drive Oceanside, CA 92056 | San Elijo: 3333 Manchester Avenue Cardiff, CA 92007 | CLC: 1831 Mission Avenue Oceanside, CA 92058

Foundations of Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Organismal Biology

This course surveys the organismal/meta-organismal half of biological disciplines. Topics include the taxonomy and physiology of prokaryotes and basal eukaryotes; the taxonomy, developmental biology, and physiology of plants and animals; and single-species population dynamics and interspecies interactions in communities. The laboratory emphasizes evolutionary process and mechanism, phylogeny reconstruction, comparative anatomy/physiology/survey of plants and animals, and life history evolution. C-ID BIOL-135S (with BIO 204/BIO 204H) and C-ID BIOL-140.

Course Number: 1520

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