Taxpayers Association Gives Rare “EXCELLENT” Rating to MiraCosta Community College District’s Construction Program

MiraCosta College Achievements
MiraCosta College Construction Program Excellence

Association’s independent review program shows performance exceeding industry standards in many key bond program areas.

San Diego, CA (April 4, 2024) -- The San Diego County Taxpayers Association® (Taxpayers) announced today the MiraCosta Community College District (MiraCosta) achieved an “EXCELLENT” rating for its Measure MM bond construction program. Approved in 2016 by 62% of the district’s voters, Measure MM is a $455 million general obligation bond to modernize aging facilities and upgrade instructional technology.

Now, eight years later, Taxpayers reviewed MiraCosta’s performance, comparing it to standards defining “Good,” “Excellent,” and “Outstanding” in bond construction program management. It found Mira Costa does an EXCELLENT job of using MM funds effectively and efficiently.

The main projects in FY2023 showed a savings of some $6 million taxpayer dollars compared to the original estimates made in 2016. This is remarkable considering construction costs have increased faster than high inflation. Taxpayers also found bond funds have been used to navigate two complex multi-phase, design-build projects successfully. Change orders are inevitable in any construction program, yet MCCCD kept these to 4.2%, well within industry standards of 8%.

“We were comfortable engaging in this kind of performance review,” said Tim Flood, Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Administrative Services at MiraCosta. “Our goal is to ensure the work we are doing for our students and the public is the best it can be, and so I’m beyond proud of MiraCosta for receiving this certification.”

As the region’s trusted watchdog, the Association develops benchmarks for performance where taxpayer dollars are spent. “Taxpayers have always put the spotlight on performance, both good and bad,” said Haney Hong, president and CEO of the Association. “Our certification programs give us more opportunities to praise superior work and celebrate success."

In addition to school bond construction, the Association has also established “Good,” “Excellent,” and “Outstanding” performance benchmarks in commuter rail operations & maintenance, and wraparound youth health services. The Association is finalizing certification standards for data sharing and transparency within the homelessness services industry.

Hong says fewer than half of the organizations and programs reviewed by the Association earn any level of certification, even though the standards are public information. For those not receiving certification, the Association provides recommendations and ways to improve.

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