MiraCosta’s Biomanufacturing Baccalaureate Degree Program Receives Diversity Award


MiraCosta College’s groundbreaking program that offers bachelor’s degrees in biomanufacturing has been recognized with a national award honoring its efforts to promote diversity.

MiraCosta College was one of 77 colleges and universities across the country that were recognized with the 2022 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award by Insight into Diversity magazine.

The institutions were chosen because of their cutting-edge programs devoted to the work of improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in science, technology, and math (STEM) programs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that careers in STEM will grow more than twice as fast as all other occupations by 2029.

“We know that many STEM programs are not always recognized for their success, dedication, and mentorship for underrepresented students,” says Lenore Pearlstein, owner and publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. “We want to honor the schools and organizations that have created programs that inspire and encourage young people who may currently be in or are interested in a future career in STEM. We are proud to honor these programs as role models to other institutions of higher education and beyond.”

The Biomanufacturing Baccalaureate Degree program at MiraCosta College, which was established in 2017, is one of 15 programs that allow California community colleges to award bachelor’s degrees. A goal of the legislation setting up the programs was to impact student populations that were historically underserved by higher education.

A study of the first cohort of 22 students at MiraCosta College found that 19 were from underrepresented populations—and everyone completed the program within three years.

A key factor in the program’s success is that students can access a student success specialist and are part of a mentorship program that matches them with professionals in the industry.

“The recipients of the 2022 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award have demonstrated inventiveness and dedication in supporting a new generation of high-achieving scholars and professionals,” the magazine said in announcing the awards.

For more information about the 2022 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award and INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, visit insightintodiversity.com.

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