MiraCosta College Celebrates Completion of Oceanside Campus Athletic Field Renovation

01/29/2021 Bookmark and Share

An extensive, 18-month renovation of the athletic track and field at MiraCosta’s Oceanside Campus has been completed, replacing an outdated track first built in the early 1980s with a modern walking/jogging track and world-class soccer/rugby and athletics field that meets size requirements for international competitions while providing additional practice space. The renovation also provided for a new, 2,100 square foot Field House with ADA-compliant restrooms, changing rooms, coaches’ offices, team rooms, and equipment storage.

The $9.95 million project, funded through MiraCosta’s capital improvement program using funds from Measure MM, features a California native species garden surrounding the track and an ADA-compliant pedestrian ramp.

A two-lane track is located around the perimeter of the field, helping to leverage the natural ‘bowl’ formed in the topography of that portion of the campus into a small athletics complex.

“Since it was first built, the track and field have always been a popular place for students, staff, and visitors to walk and jog in a peaceful location,” said Tom Macias, MiraCosta’s Facilities Director. “We’re really excited for them to experience the facility with the beautiful landscaping and pedestrian ramp. It’s a very engaging place to be.”

The project includes several sustainable strategies:
  • Clerestory windows in team rooms, changing rooms, and storage areas bring controlled daylight into the interior. Large overhangs above the team room and office protect upper windows from solar heat gain and direct sunlight.
  • The Field House is conditioned by HVAC split systems, controlled by the campus building management system to ensure optimal efficiency of utility equipment throughout the year.
  • The lighting control system contributes to energy savings and can be monitored and managed remotely. This system is capable of dimming lights and cutting power completely from fixtures in unoccupied spaces, which allows for significant energy savings.
  • Storm water runoff is directed to a modular wetland system at the lowest point of the site, which filters pollutants in the water through plant and soil media.
  • The landscape is drought tolerant and incorporates native California species, which help to attract birds and butterflies to enrich the local ecology.
“We are thankful to our community for supporting Measure MM, making this unique project possible,” added Macias.

Several other projects are underway for the Oceanside Campus. The facilities master plan for Oceanside includes the creation of several academic “hubs” throughout the campus. Designs are now underway for the Health and Wellness Hub that consists of three buildings, competition-size beach volleyball courts, an outdoor basketball court, and new parking facilities. The new Gym, the new Kinesiology, Health and Nutrition Studies Building, and the new Nursing and Allied Health Studies Building comprise a hub that offers students’ state of the art nursing, allied health, kinesiology, health and nutrition education, and athletics opportunities towards enhancing their career, transfer, health, wellness, and athletics goals.

Designs are also underway for the new Student Services Building, and the new Chemistry and Biotechnology Building—a major component for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) academic hub. In addition, an extensive renovation of the B1000 Administration Building is awaiting design approval by the Division of the State Architect (DSA); construction is expected to begin in June.
For additional information on this project and the many others underway at MiraCosta College, visit miracosta.edu/measuremm