MiraCosta College’s Spring 2021 Classes Begin January 23—Register Now

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MiraCosta College’s spring 2021 classes begin January 23, with hundreds of classes in a range of subjects offered. From math and English to accounting and web design, now is the time to work toward a degree or certificate, retrain for careers of tomorrow, transfer to a four-year university, enroll for personal enrichment, professional growth, or to gain a new skill. Discover all of the open sections by visiting miracosta.edu/open.

Continuing the tradition of providing quality education, MiraCosta College welcomes students to a spring semester with a primarily online course schedule. Some courses that require in-person instruction, such as those with hands-on labs or clinical placements, will be offered as in-person sessions, utilizing social distancing and safety protocols. With flexible course offerings, students can benefit from classes that work with their schedule. Types of course offerings include:

Online—Courses will be fully online and flexible, based on the student’s schedule.
Scheduled Online—Courses are fully online and include scheduled online meetings at designated times. Meeting times will be published in the schedule and will stay approximately within the existing meeting times published in the current schedule.

Hybrid—Courses are online or scheduled online but will also include some scheduled in-person meetings (on campus) at designated times. Hybrid courses will be reserved for classes that are hard to convert and/or impossible to convert that require students to perform a skill or exhibit competency in some hands-on activity in a clinical or lab setting.

Financial Support: MiraCosta College offers the most affordable education anywhere. All first-time college students taking 12+ units a semester can receive two years of college for free. Returning college student? No problem. For only $46 a unit and with ample scholarships and grants available, MiraCosta has you covered. 

High School Students Welcome: MiraCosta College welcomes high school students who are looking to earn both high school and college credit. Concurrent/Dual Enrollment allows high school students to take college-level classes, while benefiting from having enrollment fees waived (that’s a savings of up to $506 per semester for an in-state student). Current high school students who have completed the equivalent of the eighth grade (OR who are 15 years old) may attend college courses at MiraCosta College with the permission of their high school and a parent/guardian.

Students must be enrolled in high school and are limited to 11 units (8 units for summer session) at MiraCosta College.

For more information or to register, visit miracosta.edu/spring. Financial Aid and Scholarships are available.