Fall 2020 MOJO Jazz Collective Lunchtime Premier- Dec 18 @ Noon

12/17/2020 Bookmark and Share

At noon on December 18, enjoy the premier of the works recorded by MOJO and Jazz Collective during the fall semester. 

Programs Includes:
  1. Emancipation Blues
    • Soloists: Danny Gonzalez (sax), Daryl Gest (trumpet), Special Guest: Francisco Torres (trombone)
    • Composer/Arranger: Oliver Nelson
    • Sound Engineer: Matt Carruthers
    • Video Production: Brendan Miranda
  1. Russian Lullaby
    • Soloists: Daryl Gest (flugelhorn), Adam White (guitar), Josias Miguel (sax)
    • Composer: Irving Berlin
    • Arranger: Jazz Collective
    • Sound Engineer: Matt Carruthers
  1. Dido's Lament
    • Soloists: Adam White (guitar), Steve Torok (sax), Arek Gralnik (guitar)
    • Composer: Henry Purcell
    • Arranger: Steve Torok
    • Sound Engineer: Marcos Reyes
  1. For Charlie
    • Soloists: Nathan Mills (trumpet), Josias Miguel (sax), Blake Armstrong (congas)
    • Composer/Arranger: Francisco Torres
    • Sound Engineer: Matt Carruthers
  1. Bridge Over Trouble Water
    • Full Department Student/Faculty Collaboration
  2. Joy to the World
    • Composer: George Frideric Handel
    • Arranger: Rich DeRosa and Steve Torok
    • Sound Engineer: Matt Carruthers