MiraCosta College Theatre Presents Online Video Performances of The Birds and Lysistrata

12/8/2020 Bookmark and Share

The MiraCosta College Theatre Department faculty and students are proud to offer two, free online video productions of The Birds and Lysistrata. Filmed and edited specifically for streaming, these Greek comedies bring classical theatre into 2020 with wit, humor, and puppets!

Both performances are streaming as a double-header with a short intermission on YouTube. No tickets required. WATCH HERE.

The first production to stream is The Birds. Fed up with the corrupt Athenian government, Pisthetairos and Euelpides set out to find a way to live a carefree life, like the birds do. When they meet a king who was magically turned into a bird, they convince him to build a majestic city in the sky for the birds to live in... but when the gods on Mount Olympus find out about this plan, they decide to put a stop to the birdbrained Pisthetairos before he can finish hatching his plan.

After the intermission, stay tuned for Lysistrata. In this raunchy comedy, the men of Greece are busy fighting an endless civil war, so the women of Greece unite to find a way to end the wars and heal the country, a sex strike. It's a battle of the sexes—but who will end up on top? Parental advisory: Lysistrata is rated PG-13 for strong language and sexual themes.

The performances are directed and adapted by AJ Knox, based on the comedies by Aristophanes. Assistant Director: Haley Canaletti. Starring: Beverly Balderrama, Michael Bernhard, Angelica Dulen, Tessa Grantham, Brenna Hughbanks, Charles Lin, Jamie Leodones, Deric King, Gina Marie, and Riley Osburn. Stage Manager: DJ Maloney; Assistant Stage Manager: Star Sanders; Editor/Sound Design: Bryon Andersen; Costume, Puppet, and Scenic Design: Amanda Quivey; Technical Director: Justin Kidwell; Properties Design: Bonnie L. Durben; Set Construction: Zachary Elliott.

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