A Message of Gratitude from Dr. Sunny Cooke

11/23/2020 Bookmark and Share
Dear MiraCostans:
Each day, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with you as part of this remarkable community! In these challenging times, during what many honor as a month for gratitude, I am more grateful than you can possibly imagine.
Our community at MiraCosta has…
  • Overcome significant challenges to the way we deliver education and services
  • Demonstrated resilience in the face of daunting circumstances in support of our students and our community
  • Centered the identities and needs of our disproportionately impacted and minoritized students in our work, in our deliberations, and in our planning
  • Made a commitment to our culture of care and the holistic support of our students
  • Applied ingenuity, innovation, and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable issues
  • Committed to learning and growing together as individuals and as a campus community
It is your dedication, leadership, service-orientation, care and commitment to our students and the values we hold dear that have sustained us through this challenging year.
I also want to acknowledge that for some, this may be an especially difficult time, for a host of different reasons. It is my deepest hope that you find solace in the care and company of loved ones, friends, and the knowledge that your work on behalf of our students is meaningful and lasting.
Thank you for all that you do each and every day with and for our students and our college. Your quiet acts of compassion and kindness matter in the lives of others, and they inspire me daily. I routinely hear appreciation for your exceptional work from our students, our alumni, and our community. 
During this season of gratitude, I have much to be grateful for and that includes you -  for your invaluable contributions and caring!
Enjoy some well-deserved time with family, friends, and loved ones.
Thank you, 
Sunny Cooke, Ph.D.
The MiraCosta College Technology Career Institute Unmanned Systems Technology students assisted the Alga Norte Aquatic Center's First Annual Lantern Festival by using underwater, surface and airborne drones to film the event.  Please enjoy the wonderful music and visual beauty of this event.