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Meet Christina Bunmann

“It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” explained Christina Bunmann.

Bunmann, now a first-year student at MiraCosta College, was approaching her senior year at San Dieguito Academy High School and debating what to do next. She knew she wanted to pursue higher education and although many of her peers were committing to four-year universities, Bunmann was considering another route.

“Cost and flexibility were important factors when I was making my decision,” Bunmann explained. “Some students know exactly what school they want to attend and what subject they want to major in but not every teenager is like that in high school.”

Bunmann knew that her first two years of coursework would largely focus on introductory subjects, which meant community college would afford her the opportunity to find out what career paths she likes at only a fraction of the tuition cost. Then, after a couple of years, she could transfer to a four-year university that has a degree program that matches her goals.

So with that, her decision was made.

Bunmann chose to start her college track at MiraCosta College and began classes in the summer of 2020. A standout athlete in high school, Bunmann also joined the MiraCosta volleyball team and has been making the most out of her college experience, albeit mostly in remote settings due to COVID-19. And while the pandemic created new challenges that she could never have predicted when first choosing MiraCosta College, it also solidified her decision.

When asked about her college experience so far, Bunmann explained, “I’m taking classes online like all the rest of my peers and saving so much money in the process. Plus, the support at MiraCosta has been amazing. The teachers understand our challenges and have tailored our coursework and project deadlines to meet those needs. On top of that, my coaches and administrators have helped me get all the financial aid I’m eligible for through the COVID-19 Relief grant, California Promise grant, and book voucher program at MiraCosta College.”

Thanks to the past year, Bunmann’s drive to achieve her academic and volleyball goals at MiraCosta and beyond has never been higher.

Bunmann is currently a business major with plans to transfer to UC San Diego or another university that has a real estate program to pursue a career in urban planning and environmental development.

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