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Meet Monica Polo

The best part of Monica Polo’s internship at MiraCosta College’s outreach program is helping students get the information they need to be successful – just as the mother of two has been supported in her own journey at MiraCosta.

“I like helping people. It’s the satisfaction you get when you show people the way,” she said. “It’s very rewarding to help someone.”

Polo said she had been taking classes through the years at MiraCosta College but decided to enroll full-time last year when her two sons, now 16 and 13 years, got older. She said that to prepare herself, she attended every event the college held for a month.

“I got to talk to a lot of people,” Polo said. “I learned how to get help, how to enroll, and how to get more out of the system.”

Polo said she has used many of the resources that MiraCosta College offers, such as tutoring and library services.

“I can almost cry because I have been so welcomed,” she said. “Everyone is so nice and makes you feel so warm. When you have a question, if they don’t know the answer, they look for the information you need. They don’t make it seem like an effort.”

She began her paid internship in the outreach program this semester. In her role, she helps prepare and set up for events, and greets students who need assistance. The goal of the program is to get the community involved in the college, help them understand the community college system, and make resources available for the community.

Polo said she has enjoyed and learned much in her internship.

“I don’t feel like I’m just going to do my hours for my paycheck. You have to be passionate to enjoy it,” she said. “I think that internships are a great opportunity for you to grow as a person. It teaches you organization and makes you work in teams.”

Polo, an Oceanside resident, plans to graduate in Fall 2025 with a degree in psychology, and would like to transfer to CSU San Marcos or another four-year university to pursue a degree in psychology. Her career goal is to become a therapist so she can continue to help people.

Polo, who has also volunteered at the San Diego Food Bank, the Tri-City Pantry, and at her childrens’ school, said internships are another form of service.

“You’ve got to give back to your community in order to make it better,” she said.

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