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Meet Melina Eftekhari

Melina Eftekhari's passion for learning and her insatiable curiosity led her to MiraCosta College, where she embarked on a transformative journey from a curious high school student to a driven and accomplished individual. At MiraCosta College, she discovered a sanctuary that nurtured her thirst for knowledge and allowed her to explore a wide range of subjects that piqued her interest.

While the world faced the uncertainties of the pandemic, Melina saw an opportunity to make the most of her time. With most MiraCosta College classes transitioning to online formats, she seamlessly balanced her high school commitments with a diverse selection of college courses, ranging from film and psychology to coding and advanced math. What started as a pursuit of personal interest gradually turned into a remarkable achievement.

As Melina accumulated college credits, a MiraCosta counselor recognized her outstanding progress and informed her that she was on track to earn two Associate of Arts degrees while still in high school. Undeterred by the challenges of juggling her high school coursework, leading math clubs, and tutoring in the STEM Learning Center, Melina set her sights on the ambitious goal of graduating with two degrees from MiraCosta College.

Reflecting on her time at MiraCosta College, Melina expressed gratitude for the opportunity to hone in on her future plans. Influential professors demonstrated to her the practical application of math and science in the real world, fueling her excitement to pursue a computer science major at the University of California, Los Angeles starting this fall. Melina's fascination with artificial intelligence drives her desire to understand its inner workings and potential to replicate the human brain.

Melina Eftekhari's inspiring journey exemplifies the transformative power of community college as a stepping stone toward realizing one's dreams. As she continues her academic journey at UCLA and embraces new challenges, Melina remains committed to lifelong learning and nurturing her insatiable curiosity.

MiraCosta College's commitment to empowering high school students goes beyond Melina's individual achievement. Over the past academic year, approximately 800 students from the Oceanside, Carlsbad, and San Dieguito school districts have taken advantage of MiraCosta College classes while still in high school. These college courses, available on MiraCosta College campuses and taught by MiraCosta College faculty at high schools, offer numerous benefits for participating students.

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