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Meet Marcelo Gonçalves

Marcelo Gonçalves, a former student in the English as a Second Language program who is now excelling in the manufacturing and engineering industry in San Diego. Originally from Brazil, Gonçalves has utilized MiraCosta College courses to learn a new language and build a career as a manufacturing engineer.

“That’s the best part about MiraCosta College,” said Gonçalves. “It’s so much more than the academics. I have had professors and counselors who worked with me to update my job resume and others who helped me with my citizenship requirements. They truly want to see me succeed as a student and as a person.”

Gonçalves started by completing all six-credit courses in English for non-native speakers. The courses focused on providing advanced skill development to students like Gonçalves whose first language is other than English. It offers participants the tools and techniques they need to reach their goals, whether they be academic preparation, workplace improvement, or personal enrichment. And for Gonçalves, it was as much professional as it was personal.

While taking ESL courses at MiraCosta College, Gonçalves learned about the Welding Program offered through MiraCosta College’s Technology Career Institute (TCI). Having come from a manufacturing trade background in Brazil, Marcelo knew the program could open even more doors for his future.

With little hesitation, Gonçalves enrolled and began applying himself just as he did with the ESL courses. The 132-hour program, designed to train students to qualify for an American Welding Society (AWS) code, proved to be a significant catalyst in Gonçalves’ career trajectory. Thanks to the connections facilitated by his MiraCosta College professors, Gonçalves found a job and quickly took on more responsibility.

Never one to stop growing, Gonçalves tapped back into the opportunities at MiraCosta College to diversify his skills and qualifications. In May 2023, even though he was already thriving in the region’s workforce, Gonçalves enrolled in Quality Assurance courses at MiraCosta College to deepen his level of expertise and is currently pursuing a certificate through the Engineering Technicians Program so that he can pursue larger engineering roles in the local workforce.

“I keep wanting to go back to MiraCosta College because of how supportive the community is,” shared Marcelo. “I have seen firsthand how beneficial the programs can be for my career development and I want to take advantage of every opportunity possible to pursue my dreams.”

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