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Meet Anthony Gonzalez

“I still remember it like it was yesterday.”

In fourth grade, the first time Anthony Gonzalez learned about MiraCosta College was when he took a field trip to campus with his classmates. Instead of visiting a traditional classroom with desks and a chalkboard like they were used to, college was something very different.

Recalled Anthony, “One of the places they took us was to a mechanics class where the students were working on cars. I remember being amazed that the professor was teaching students while they were getting hands-on experience with the cars.”

It was a moment that surprised Anthony and has stuck with him ever since. Especially now that he is walking in the same footsteps as the students he once observed as a child.

A first-year student at MiraCosta College, Anthony speaks about how MiraCosta College is the perfect place to achieve his goals.

“From day one, the professors and staff at MiraCosta College have been incredible,” said Anthony. “They give you a hand and help you build a plan based on whatever goals you may have. It’s just so nice to feel like you’re not alone.”

For Anthony, programs like Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), student success-based initiative that is designed to give students individualized attention, have allowed him to hit the ground running from day one.

Explained Anthony, “MiraCosta College staff understand my goals and challenges because they have been through similar experiences. My counselor Veronica Bloss understands what I mean when I say I want to succeed and give everything back to my parents because she comes from the same type of close family background.”

The personal level of support from EOPS has been critical for Anthony as he charts a path for the future. And even though he is just a few months into college, Anthony’s drive and work ethic is already propelling him toward a long, impactful career.

Upon enrolling in 2023, Anthony initially planned to pursue mechanical engineering but shifted his dreams to healthcare after going through his own medical experience.

“The support and reassurance my nurse provided me made all the difference in the world,” shared Anthony. “I watched as other nurses sped through their communications with patients and let the business of their days take over. But my nurse was there for me, helping me every step of the way with what I needed.”

That experience changed everything.

He knew then that he wanted to go into healthcare. “I want to be there for people in the moments where they need that extra level of support,” shared Anthony.

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