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Meet Lady Espinoza

MiraCosta College Classes Inspire One Student to Pursue Her Dreams
MiraCosta College student Lady Espinoza has bright plans for the future, and she’s committed to completing her education to get there. Espinoza has completed a variety of MiraCosta College’s noncredit courses, which have helped her to boost her knowledge in English, workplace skills, and computer literacy—and she hasn’t stopped there. In fact, Espinoza’s dedication to her goals has even inspired her family members to pursue their education alongside her as she pursues her dream of owning her own business.
Espinoza migrated to the U.S. at age 26 in hopes of creating a prosperous future for herself and her family. She had worked in the restaurant industry for most of her career, but her true passion lay in health and wellness. In 2006, Espinoza’ sister, who had graduated from college with a degree in psychology, told her about MiraCosta College. Soon, Espinoza discovered the wide variety of tuition-free noncredit courses.
“I would have taken classes sooner if I had known about them,” Espinoza explains. “The flexible classes fit well in my schedule, and the campus is conveniently close to my home.”
Espinoza started classes at MiraCosta College to improve her language skills, position herself for a promotion at work, and expand her career options. First, Espinoza completed the English as a Second Language (ESL) levels six and seven, which improved her reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking skills. Then, she excelled in her classes and moved on to completing the Adult High School program and earned her high school diploma. Espinoza’s success at MiraCosta College meant so much to her and her family that it motivated her mother to start taking noncredit courses and her youngest sister to enroll at the college as well.
Although Espinoza has experienced great success, it didn’t come without challenges. However, MiraCosta College’s student services supported her every step of the way. For example, when Espinoza applied to the Adult High School program, she received a transcript evaluation that documented her high school classes in Mexico so that she wouldn’t have to retake them. When Espinoza needed career advice, she visited the Career Center for one-on-one career counseling. Finally, when Espinoza’s biology class got challenging, she took advantage of free tutoring services to stay a few steps ahead.
“The faculty and professors are so supportive. They gave me academic counseling and recommended all the courses available to help me take my career to the next level. And the tutors are excellent. I’ve had great experiences with all my tutors, and I will use them again when I have difficult classes.”
Espinoza says she’s just getting started. She wants to explore more advanced ESL classes to continue building her English skills and also plans to check out other noncredit classes that can boost her career skills. In addition, Espinoza is taking college-level nutrition classes on her way to earning a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certificate, which will help her launch her career as a nutrition coach focusing on helping people live happier and healthier lifestyles. She says MiraCosta College’s free computer classes have been a great help to get her there.
“The applied computer class taught us how to make brochures and professional letters,” Espinoza comments. “It’s great to learn career skills I can use in my business.”
Espinoza says she has enjoyed the free applied computer skills class the most because her assignments encouraged her to dive deeper into what each computer application could do— and kept her organized too. Beyond those classes, her favorite part of her experience at MiraCosta College has been the career-focused support she has received from the faculty and staff.
“Lady makes a great first impression from the moment she starts participating in class,” says Mercedes Strong, a MiraCosta College Computer Applications Instructor. “Her journey at MiraCosta College has been incredible, through ESL classes, the Adult High School Diploma program, short-term classes, and her transition into credit classes.”
To anyone interested in continuing their education, Espinoza says, be persistent.
“Don’t be discouraged. Go ahead and try. Don’t forget who you want to be and what you want to do in your future.”

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