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Meet Sarah Farr

MiraCosta College Bridges the Gap in Employment Opportunities for Adults with Disabilities
Sarah Farr is a thoughtful student who enjoys learning in class with her friends and spending time with her boyfriend—but Farr is not your everyday student. Farr has a gene deletion syndrome that makes her incredibly kind and gives her an excellent visual memory but also challenges her in learning, processing, and remembering the context of information.
"We knew there was something special about Farr when she was pretty little. But we didn't get an actual diagnosis until shortly before she left high school," Angela Farr, Sarah's mother, explains. Farr is the youngest of four and resides with her family in North San Diego County.
Farr graduated from the Carlsbad Unified School District's Adult Transition Program at the required age of 22— but for adults with disabilities, there is no clear track for continued academic success. As a result, individuals and their families often turn to their high school districts and community leaders for resources for where to go next. In Farr’s case, the Carlsbad school district recommended MiraCosta College.
MiraCosta College offers continuing education courses to community members of all educational levels to help them develop daily life skills and encourage employability. Classes for adults with disabilities aim to provide students the opportunity to develop civic responsibility, realize their human potential, build practical interpersonal skills, and sustain economic self-sufficiency.
"Students develop skills in transportation, cooking, volunteering, and even get job placement opportunities," Angela says. "Sarah even started working at a grocery store during her first term."
For the past four years, Farr has attended classes at MiraCosta College’s Community Learning Center where dedicated instructor Krista Warren has taught Basic Academic and Employability Skills for over 20 years. Well respected and admired for encouraging her students' various strengths, Angela describes Krista as "well experienced and flexible with a good awareness of each students' needs."
The classes Krista teaches are so beneficial to students that community members without disabilities often enroll as well. For example, the Employability course offers career counseling, providing students the opportunity to explore fundamental job exploration and workplace readiness skills. The class covers topics related to personal career, the job search process, transportation, workplace communication, and behavioral norms. Students who complete the course demonstrate the ability to apply for jobs, enter the workforce, and maintain employment. Students are also taught how to seek out local support agencies and advocate for what they need.
During her time at MiraCosta College, Farr has put these skills to good use. She has participated in volunteer and paid grant work experiences that have secured her four jobs: one at a grocery store, a thrift shop, a department store, and a restaurant inside an amusement park.
"MiraCosta College gave Sarah access to college experiences," Angela explains. "She gets to experience social, educational, and career opportunities to create her own unique experience."
Farr’s favorite part of this life-changing opportunity at MiraCosta College has been taking this journey with her favorite teacher, Krista Warren.
"Yeah, she's super funny," Farr explaoins. "One time she was singing this song in the car..."

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