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Meet Sabrya Mosley

Music has always been a part of Sabrya Mosely’s life. She participated in her school choirs from elementary school on up, and she is a member of MiraCosta College’s chamber choir. 

“I was singing before I could talk,” Mosely said. “Listening to music and being a part of music will always be a thing for me.”

When she graduated from Oceanside High School, Mosely knew she couldn’t afford to attend a University of California institution. Her decision to attend MiraCosta was easy when she heard about the Promise program that offers free tuition to first-time full-time students. 

“The MiraCosta College Promise was offered, so why wouldn’t I take advantage of it?” she said. “It wasn’t that hard of a decision to make. It was kind of a no-brainer.”

Mosely started at MiraCosta in the Fall 2022 semester, although she had already taken some courses while she was in high school. She’s living with her grandparents while she’s attending the college.

“I think the community aspect of it is really great,” she said of MiraCosta. “I don’t get the homesick feeling because I’m still at home. It’s a people-helping-people community.”

In addition to belonging to the chamber choir, Mosely is also a member of Umoja, an organization that guides African American students through college and toward a career. 

Although she just declared as a music major, Mosely also loves animals and aspires to become a veterinarian. She hopes to transfer to UC Davis after she finishes at MiraCosta in 2024 – although she’ll make a final decision after taking some science classes. 

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