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Meet Jason Wang

Before Jason Wang came to the United States in 2019, he had never received a B. Throughout high school, Wang was top of his class and his education was something he valued dearly. When he moved from China to a new country, his ambitions in the classroom remained the same.

There was only one catch – he didn’t know any English.

Wang still remembers how he felt when he received his first physics worksheet.

“I was desperate, simply because I couldn’t understand any of the English procedures,” recalled Wang. “Ever since then, I have worked hard to learn English.”

With a dictionary never far from reach, Wang started to memorize hundreds of words per day. For at least two hours every day, he would study new words and review the ones he already learned. He also recorded himself to identify any mistakes and perfect his speech.

Looking back on those early days Wang explained, “It was an arduous process not only because of the quantity but also because of my terrible memory. I thought about giving up, but I knew that success could never exist without effort.”

Little by little, Wang became more confident with English and now speaks fluently. Today, his grades rank at the top of his class and he uses the lessons he learned to help others around him.

In addition to taking 18 credits per semester as a first-year student at MiraCosta College, Wang spends his time uplifting his peers as a Student Ambassador on campus. From helping people fill out grant applications to explaining his own college experience and providing basic counseling support, Wang tries to make his fellow students feel welcome and comfortable at MiraCosta College.

“Even though it’s a job, I consider being a Student Ambassador more of a volunteer service because I love helping people,” shared Wang. “I understand how frustrating it can be when some problems cannot be solved on your own. I always want someone to help me when I am in need.”

As a Student Ambassador, Wang helps his peers manage their time and lean on others when necessary, just as he has done. In addition to his unwavering work ethic, Wang acknowledges that he wouldn’t be where he is without the support of generous donors.

“I am a college student with the same financial burdens as everyone else,” explained Wang. “It is hard to pay for everything while maintaining high performance in the classroom.”

Thanks to the Winski Scholarship, Wang notes that he doesn’t have to worry as much about life's essentials and can focus on school instead. Started by generous donors, Nancy and Mark Winski, this scholarship is a renewable opportunity that awards $500 per semester with a maximum of $2,000 over four semesters.

With his eyes on the future, Wang is currently majoring in mechanical design and has plans to transfer to the University of California, Berkeley, where he wants to finish his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He hopes to use his degrees to secure a job with a company that is protecting the environment through smart, eco-friendly design.

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