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Meet Christin Philip

From the time he was in high school in India, Christin Philip was determined to get a college education in America. He’s fulfilling that dream at MiraCosta College.

Philip’s parents live and work in Saudi Arabia, and he lived in a southern India hostel while attending high school.

“I got a lot of experience staying alone, so that’s why I took the brave step to come to America and seize my own opportunities,” he said.

Philip had initially hoped to attend one of the University of California institutions but knew he couldn’t afford the $60,000 a year it would cost him for tuition and room and board.

“It was so expensive for international students to go to a four-year university. I thought, ‘What other options are there?’” Philip said. “I selected MiraCosta because it has good transfer rates, and I can save money for university.”

He attended the Fall 2021 semester online from India, but that meant getting up in the middle of the night for classes because of the 11 ½-hour time difference. He began the spring 2022 semester in person, but his initial adjustment was tough.

“Everything was new for me, the language and everything,” Philip said. “I thought everything was for a good reason, so I stood strong.”

He said he got lots of support from MiraCosta College’s International Office, tutoring, and help with food and other basic needs. “If you need any help, just go to the International Students' office,” he said. “They are so helpful and understanding.”

Philip is majoring in computer science and plans to transfer to a University of California school. He wants to earn a master’s degree in robotics, then work in the United States for a few years before returning to India.

In the meantime, he’s working 19.5 hours a week and is involved in several clubs besides his studies. He said MiraCosta College had been an excellent first step toward reaching his education goals.

“When a student comes from another country, the MiraCosta campus is a great way to understand the system and America,” Philip said.

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