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Meet Christine Duffy

MiraCosta College alum Christine Duffy was first exposed to dance through her parents. Both skilled break dancers in their own right, they would take Christine to dance battles when she was only a child.

As she grew older, Christine uncovered her passion for dancing when she joined a local Tahitian dancing group. She later started to find her own style within the hip hop community.

Since then, dance has always played a major role in Christine’s life, including her career decisions, albeit unexpectedly.

Christine and her friends were chosen to be on a dance team for a competition outside California. During rehearsal, her knee gave out and she collapsed to the floor. Unable to get up on her own, Christine was carried off and had to watch her dance team finish on their own.

“It was a pretty sad and scary moment for me,” recalled Christine. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to get back on the floor and do what I love ever again.”

In the months that followed, Christine spent her time in physical therapy to strengthen her knee and get back to dance. The success of her recovery is now a major driver behind her current career path.

“Going through physical therapy really showed me the importance of that work and how it can help so many people,” shared Christine.

Soon after, Christine tailored her MiraCosta College course load so she could become a physical therapist. Today, she is on her way to obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology (movement science) from Cal State University, San Marcos. In her spare time, she continues to perform and work on projects with her dance teams throughout the region.

“Managing time between studying and late-night rehearsals is a challenge, but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now,” beamed Christine. “I’m happy to be pursuing both my dreams thanks in large part to my time at MiraCosta.”

Christine explains that even though she has graduated, MiraCosta will always feel like home. Last year during the pandemic, she created performances and shared them via Zoom with her MANA, Umoja, and Theatre classmates and faculty. She hopes to return and perform for her MiraCosta family in-person.

Like so many students, Christine cherishes the personal connections she established while on campus.

“MiraCosta invested in me inside and outside the classroom,” shared Christine. “They provided me with an opportunity to pursue all of my passions in one place and I’m so grateful for that experience.”

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