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Meet Jose Jara

As a former community college student, I know the challenges that students here at MiraCosta face, and how much time and patience it takes to succeed. After having been a marginal student in high school, I've found that community college offers the chance to start over and plan anew. Most importantly, I also know how a teacher can make the difference in a student's life.

Now that I'm here at MiraCosta College, I am in the fortunate position of having a career I've dreamed about, and I'm lucky in that I'm sharing my experiences as both a student and a teacher. Now that I have experience on both sides of the desk, I have made it my priority to do my best and help students in any way I can. I know the power of what an education can accomplish, and I will strive in every way possible to help students accomplish their goals.

Coming here to MiraCosta College is the first step in what I hope will be a long, rewarding career serving the community.

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