Thank you for your interest in the Honors Program at MiraCosta College

To be accepted to the Honors Program, we ask for one of the following in addition to the Honors Program application (see below):

  1. Unofficial college transcript
  2. Unofficial high school transcript

Application for Honors Program

To apply to the Honors Program, you will need to complete two steps in sequence:

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In just a few sentences, tell us a little bit about yourself. We would love to get to know you through the sharing of your background, hobbies, passions, pursuits, or anything else you would like to share.

Academic Plans

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Have you taken an Honors course at MiraCosta College?

If yes, which courses:

About Honors

Why do you wish to apply to the Honors Program? (check your five top reasons)

How did you hear about the Honors Program? (check all that apply)


(unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

Please check one:

* If you have completed college coursework at MiraCosta College, you may authorize the Honors Office to access your unofficial transcripts directly. If you wish to do so, check below.

For Students with College Coursework other than MiraCosta College:

Remember, it is your responsibility to secure your transcripts and deliver them via email to Your application is not complete until your transcripts have been received. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Academic Integrity Statement

The Honors Program is a community of scholars who are committed to excellence in the learning process, and we assume that all students will pursue their studies with the utmost in integrity and honesty. Consequently, the Honors Program maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy toward academic dishonestly. All Honors students must know that incidents of academic dishonesty are unacceptable. Evidence of academic dishonesty will result in dismissal from the Honors Program.

Furthermore, the Honors Program requires all Honors students to abide by the Standards of Student Conduct as outlined in the College catalog and by Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 5500.

Please Review this Statement

Note: Only applicants who agree to abide by this statement will be considered for acceptance to the Honors Program.

By submitting this application, and if accepted to the Honors Program, I understand I must abide by the Standards of Student Conduct as defined by Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 5500. I understand that I am subject to dismissal from the Honors Program if I do not comply with these standards of behavior.

Submit the Application

By submitting this application to the Honors Program, I certify that the answers I have provided herein are true and correct, and that I have not knowingly or willingly withheld any facts or circumstances which may affect my acceptance and/or participation in the Honors Program.

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