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Psychology of Aging: Adult Development and Aging

This course explores normal and abnormal characteristics of aging on physical, cognitive, personality, and mental health processes as they occur in late adulthood. Topics include marriage, family and friends, intergenerational issues, and intimacy and sexuality. It probes late-adult transitions, such as retirement and widowhood, and end-of-life issues.

Subject: PSYC
Course Number: 170
Section Number: 3448
Units: 3
Instructor: Phillips, Judith

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Instructor notes: This course will examine all periods of adulthood, including late adulthood and emerging adulthood. The course has two required exams that are taken at the Academic Proctoring Center, located on both the Oceanside and San Elijo MiraCosta campuses. Please note that this is why the class is listed as Hybrid; the rest of the class is entirely online. If you live out of this area, then contact the Academic Proctoring Center and they will help you locate a proctor in your area. Text information is available on SURF. To save money, look into renting and using etexts. I will send out a welcome and information handout to all on the roster around Jan 13. I will open up Canvas late Monday Jan 20. I look forward to working with you this spring.

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