Summer 2020 Online Class Schedule

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Introduction to Statistics in Sociology

This course covers the application of statistical methods to interpret, analyze, and describe quantitative sociological data. Topics include descriptive and inferential statistics; probability topics, populations and samples, the normal distribution, the central limit theorem; confidence intervals; hypothesis testing; comparing two means; F distribution and ANOVA; correlation and linear regression; and chi-square. Students use statistical software (SPSS) to analyze data and report results using American Sociological Association (ASA) style. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for BIO 180/BTEC 180, BUS 204, MATH 103, PSYC 104/SOC 104, PSYC 104H/SOC 104H or SOC 125. C-ID SOCI-125.

Subject: SOC
Course Number: 125
Section Number: 3422
Units: 4
Instructor: Williams, Edwina

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