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American Institutions and History

Students study basic concepts in the political and historical traditions of America and California by analyzing national, state, and local political institutions from colonial times to the present. The course examines the evolution of concepts and ideas that are fundamental to our political culture. It emphasizes the concepts citizens should understand in order to vote intelligently and otherwise effectively participate in the political process. This course is designed specifically to satisfy the CSU History, Constitution and American Ideals requirement. C-ID POLS-110.

Subject: PLSC
Course Number: 102
Section Number: 2468
Units: 4
Instructor: Cemo, James

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Office: Virtual
Office hours: To be announced
Instructor notes: This is a fully online course that counts for four credits. It will cover both American institutions and history. It has been designed specifically to satisfy the CSU History, Constitution and American Ideals requirement. Because it is a four credit class, it will cover a lot of material and require more effort than a standard three-credit course. There are three textbooks required for this class. You can access one of them for free: Reeves, Thomas. 2000. Twentieth-Century America: A Brief History. It's available as a free ebook via the MiraCosta library. To access it, enter the full title and subtitle in our library’s catalog. Then, scroll down the results to find the ebook version of it. There are two other textbooks needed for the course. The library does not have them, unfortunately. Here are the details: Ansolabehere, Stephen, Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore Lowi, and Kenneth A. Shesple. 2019. American Government: A Brief Introduction. 15th Edition. W.W. Norton. ISBN: 9780393674934. You'll need to buy or rent American Government: A Brief Introduction, 15th Edition by the first week. I recommend that you acquire the 15th edition rather than an earlier edition. The Brief 14th Edition (titled American Government: Power and Purpose) has much of the same information, and you might be able to get by with it, but there will be some quiz questions that you will be unable to answer. And the page numbers I reference won't match up. So, there is risk to weigh against the financial savings. Van Vechten, Renée B. 2019. California Politics: A Primer. 5th Edition. CQ Press. ISBN: 9781506380353. You'll need this one later in the semester. Again, I recommend getting the current (5th) edition. However, it doesn't make as much of a difference for this textbook. The 4th Edition has about 95% the same information, so I think it's ok to use it instead if you need to. There will be one or two quiz questions that draw upon material covered only in the 5th edition - probably not enough to make a difference in your final grade. The course will be accessed through Canvas. I will send an introductory message, along with the syllabus, prior the start of the semester.

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