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Social Media for Business

This course explores social media use from a business perspective. Students learn how to develop a social media strategy to promote business, build stronger customer relations, target a broad base or niche audience, and develop effective marketing and advertising techniques that enhance Web presence and coordinate a common message across multiple channels. Students explore historical development as well as emerging trends in Web applications and services that facilitate creativity, collaboration, and information sharing among users and business.

Subject: CSIT
Course Number: 155
Section Number: 1424
Units: 3
Instructor: Faulk, Claudia

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this class: Canvas
LMS link:
Class start page:
Class email:
Office: N/A
Office hours: By Arrangement
Instructor notes: This class is taught by Claudia Faulk. The class is conducted online. Course start date: 1.21.20 End date: 5.22.20 Please email me the week before class starts to keep your spot in class. Typically there is a long wait list. I will send out a reminder email with instructions. We will be using Canvas for this class as well as multiple social media platforms. For some social media it is good to have a smartphone to be able to use the companion apps for the programs. You can complete the class without one though. Required Book: Likeable Social Media: [Version 3. Revised & Expanded Version Feb 2019] Author: Kerpen

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