Summer 2020 Online Class Schedule

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Web Design: JavaScript and jQuery

This course introduces web design students to JavaScript and jQuery for interactive web development, including how JavaScript can be used in conjunction with HTML and CSS to add interactivity, animation, visual effects, and advanced functionality to web pages. Students explore interface design and core programming concepts in JavaScript and jQuery to create rich user experiences, manage dynamic content, create animation, and make web pages more interactive and intuitive. Students learn to design and script user interface elements common on websites, such as content sliders, interactive galleries, and more. Students also learn to use the HTML5 canvas element with JavaScript to draw, animate, and create interactive graphics for HTML5 games or web applications. Topics also include integrating and customizing jQuery plugins, working with AJAX, and using API interfaces to web services, such as maps and social media.

Subject: MAT
Course Number: 175
Section Number: 1382
Units: 3
Instructor: Cleveland, Karl

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