How to create and post a screencast in BB using Journal and Camtasia

Submitted by Julie Harland:

1. Make a new folder on desktop of Tablet P.C. and name the folder.
2. Open Journal, plug in microphone, and open Camtasia.
3. Rotate Tablet PC to Portrait mode.

4. Press New screen recording.

5. Move Camtasia recorder below Journal so it's out of the way.

6. Press "Select area to record" by fitting into Journal window and clicking.

7. Get pen ready to go by selecting tools you want—pen, color, etc. If you want to write something ahead of time, do it.

8. Press Record and start your video, talking, writing, etc. You can pause and start up again anytime.

9. When you are done, press stop. Watch it if you want.

10. Save it by naming it, and navigating to the folder on desktop.

11. You can press Edit or Produce. If you press Edit, under presets, choose Web, and press OK. You can do audio enhancements (I get rid of background noise), or try other things, including cutting out footage, etc. When ready, under Produce, press Produce video...

12. Choose Web and press Next.

13. Under production name, name it, check "organize in sub-folders", navigate to correct folder on your desktop, and press Next.

14. Press Finish

15. Wait while it renders.

16. When done, it open and plays. Close or minimize it.

17. Press Finish. Close or minimize other windows.

18. Inside the folder on the desktop, zip the folder inside of it. To do this on a pc, navigate to the folder, right click on it, and send to compressed (zipped) folder.

19. Open a Bb course, go to a content area, add a new item, and name it something.

20. Under Attachments, browse to the zipped folder, name the link if you want, and under Special Action, choose Unpackage file. Then, press Submit.

21. Wait, and another window opens. Under #1, Embedded Media Info Entry Point, highlight the name with .htm at the end, and click to Launch in a new window. Submit.

NOTE: For Journal, I make pdfs by using Cutepdf because it's faster than Acrobat Professional. You can get a free copy on the web at Cutepdf is a printer, so I choose print, and cutepdf to make the pdf. Then, I post notes on Blackboard and/or email to my students.