Fall Teaching with Technology MiniConference: 19 August 2010


TEC classroom T413

Lab 1: 4610 (mix)

Lab 2: 4607 (PC)

Lab 3: 4622 (all Mac)


Be Certifiable: POT's Online Teaching Certificate
Pilar Hernández
(1 hour)

Learn how to earn a Program for Online Teaching certificate, which you can display on your classes. A two-semester commitment includes blogging, joining an online community with your cohort, and taking POT workshops.

(Camera backup: Jim)


How Do I Fix That?

Claudia Falk

(1 hour)

You went to all that trouble to put your beautifully formatted syllabus in Blackboard, and now it looks terrible. Those rows in the assignment just won't line up. Come see why learning a bit about what's happening behind the web screen can help you create clearer, better looking materials for your students.
(OT300: Technology Applications)

Hanging Out Lab:
Come Play and Relax

This lab is reserved for hanging around and trying things, asking each other for help, and seeing what's new.

Computers will be preloaded with links to fun web applications that are quick to learn and have been used and are recommended by MCC faculty.

Lab will NOT be available 11:30-12:30. Location will be used as overflow for Using Online Learning Tools in On-site Classes.

Amplify (http://amplify.com/):
username: miracostapot, password: spartan
Amplify combines services like Facebook and Twitter to provide easier sharing, blogging, storing of pages and images for access anywhere.
Bubbl.us (http://bubbl.us/)
no password needed, click on Start Brainstorming
Bubbl.us creates mind maps, visual images of text thoughts.
Diigo (http://www.diigo.com/)
username: miracostapot, password: spartan
Diigo is a way to save your bookmarks on the web for yourself or your class, annotate and highlight the web pages you save, and share resources.
Edublogs (http://edublogs.org)
miracostapot.edublogs.org, username: miracostapot, password: spartan
Create blogs for your classes.

Glogster (http://www.glogster.com/)
Create posters from text, images, video and music. No registration required.
Jing (http://www.jingproject.com/)
free--must download copy to your computer
Take screen shots and make short videos for web, email, and other uses in your courses.
PBWorks (http://miracostapot.pbworks.com)
username MiraCosta POT, email:miracostapot@yahoo.com, password: spartan
PB Works provides wikis for educational use. Click edit and try the wiki!
Prezi (http://prezi.com) -- username: miracostapot@yahoo.com, password: spartan
Prezi is presentation software that works on the web. You can edit presentations online, create paths through material instead of linear shows, zoom on images, and download your presentation with its own player. Log in and click on New Prezi -- play around!
Tumblr (http://miracostapot.tumblr.com): username: miracostapot@yahoo.com, password: spartan
Tumblr is like a mini-blog. It lets you post images through links, quotations, video clips, and add your own content.

Voicethread (http://voicethread.com/) username: miracostapot@yahoo.com, password: spartan
Voicethread lets you post an image or images and lead a conversation around it. Students can use phone or microphone to record their input and it appears with their photo around the central object(s). Log in and click on Create -- play around!
Web2pdf (http://www.web2pdfconvert.com/default.aspx): no user name necessary
Turns web pages into PDF files
Wordl (http://www.wordle.net/)
no password needed
Wordl lets you input any text or webpage, and it creates a map of words with the words used most often appearing larger.
Zoho (http://www.zoho.com):
username: miracostapot, password: spartan
Log in, choose any application and try stuff! Zoho is a complete online office suite, including spreadsheets, presentations with slides, notebook with drag-and-drop images, email and more.


Students as Creators

David Detwiler (Glogster)
Eli Clarke/Kristi Reyes (digital storytelling)
Rosa Arceo (video)
(2 hours)

Instructors will demonstrate the use of multiple technologies to have students create their own work, including posters, video, blog posts, and stories.
(OT200: Course Design Elements)


Social Justice and Online Learning
Jim Sullivan
(1 hour)

Join a conversation about access and equity in online settings. Teaching online involves broad questions of class, culture, and technology, and what responsibilities educators have to help students from marginalized groups empower themselves in a rapidly emerging world of online technologies.
(OT500: Current Trends)

(Camera backup: Pilar)

Show and Tell with Jing

Robert Kelley
Shafin Ali
(1.5 hours)

Jing makes integrating video into your online class a breeze – whether it is for sharing mini-lecturettes, replies to students, demos, or providing students with feedback on their assignments/quizzes. During the first hour, we’ll focus on learning the basics of Jing. In the following half hour, we’ll focus on using Jing to provide your students with a tour or introduction to your class, website, or learning unit. In the last half hour, we’ll explore where to upload your videos.
(OT200 Course Design Elements)




The Zen of PowerPoint
Sam Arenivar
(1 hour)

PowerPoint, and any slideshow, should be illustrative rather than directive. It should supplement your lecture or activity, whether used on-site or online. Come learn how to create meaningful PowerPoint presentations that emphasize good use of images over bullet points.
(OT200 Course Design Elements)

(Camera backup: Jill)


Using Online Learning Tools in On-site Classes
Jim Sullivan
(1 hour)

Web-based learning tools are not just for online classes! Come learn how technologies can enhance a classroom-based course, extending the class beyond the walls and using new techniques for stimulating deep learning. See web page.


Brown Bag Chat
Laura Paciorek
(1 hour)

Bring your own lunch or bring lunch from the food cart provided, and come chat about the challenges and delights of using technology for teaching. See handout.
(OT100: Pedagogy)

Get Vocal with Wimba
Pilar Hernández
(1.5 hours)

MCC has a license for Wimba voice, which can be integrated into Blackboard. Voice announcements, threaded voice discussion boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice within course pages, podcasts, as well as live group discussions and debates.
(OT300: Technology Applications)


Collaborating Online
Donna Marques
Robert Kelley

(2 hours)

Students can collaborate online more easily than ever before using web applications. Come see Crocodoc, and play with Google Docs, wikis and social bookmarking sites, places where students can work together easily to participate more fully in learning experiences.
(OT200: Course Design Elements)




Basic Online Pedagogy
Jill Malone
(1 hour)
The basics of what makes a good online class, regardless of the technologies used: good practicies for improving learning, engaging students, building community, increasing retention, and meeting diverse learning needs.
(OT100: Pedagogy)

(Camera backup: Jim?)

Current Trends in Online Teaching
Lisa M. Lane
(1 hour)

What's new in the philosophy, research and technology for teaching using the web? Emerging issues include mobile learning, open educational resources, and Creative Commons licensing.
(OT500: Current Trends)
For lab use:



Drop-In Workshop
Robert Kelley
(1 hour)

Creating or improving upon your online courses or materials? Join your fellow instructors in the lab during this 90 minute open work session. Experienced faculty will be on hand to answer questions and assist in course or online element development.
(OT400: Experiential)