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Cohort #3 Approved Workshops

As noted at the POT website, you can watch any of the recordings at the POT site (or other professional development sites approved by POT as indicated at the POT website) and count it as flex under Conference Attendance so long as the following conditions are met:
1. You post on the Pedagogy First! blog a reflection of 250 words (contact Jim Sullivan if you need an account at the blog), and
2. You add the URL of that post to the “Location” text box on the Conference Attendance form, and
3. As with other conferences, the work must be done outside of teaching hours.

For the Online Teaching Certificate program, the same rules apply. Recordings are linked at the POT website and here when available.

Note: Beginner's All Day workshop: counts toward one each of OT100, OT200, OT300 and OT400 (S11)

teaching academyOT100 Online Pedagogy (2 workshops)
Emphasizes the development of pedagogies suitable for an online environment.
Only one may be a Beginning/Novice workshop!

  • Basic Online Pedagogy (F 10) F10 video
  • Blogs as a Teaching Tool: the Why and the How (F08)
  • Brown Bag Chat (F 10)
  • Building Community in Your Online Class (Fall 09) F09 recording (S10) S10 video
  • Connecting Online (S10 ff)
  • Creating Meaningful Discussion in an Asynchronous Environment (F11)
  • Digital Storytelling (S10 clc)
  • Introduction to Online Teaching / Beginning Online Teaching (F08) (S09) s09 video
  • Making Online Discussion Work (S08)
  • A New Wardrobe for Blackboard (F11)
  • Novice Workshop: Ease Into Online Teaching (F08)
  • @ONE Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (counts as 2)
  • Online Instructors Roundtable (S10)
  • Online Pedagogy: Brain-friendly Learning (S09) S09 video
  • Online Quizzes: Implications for On-site and Online Classes (F 10) F10 recording
  • Redesigning Your Class (S11)
  • Teaching, Learning and Social Networks (S10) S10 video
  • Teaching Well Online: A Checklist (Sum08) Sum08 video
  • Quick and easy ways to build community in your online class (Fall 09)
  • Getting Started Teaching Online: Alternative Approaches (Fall 09) F09 video
  • Teaching a Hybrid Class (Fall 09)
  • The Unconference Panel (or can be used as 500) (Fall 09)
  • Vibrant Online Discussion (S10) S10 video

OT200 Course Design Elements (2 workshops)
Emphasizes elements of course design, including navigation and multimedia.

  • Assessment Techniques
  • Blackboard: only one may be counted:
    • Making Blackboard Work for You (F08)
    • Getting Visual with Blackboard (S09)
  • Collaboration: only one may be counted:
    • Collaborating Online (F10)
    • Build a Quick Wiki (S10)
  • Customizing Webpages for Your Online Class (S10)
  • The Interactive Syllabus (F10)
  • Meaningful Online Assignments (F08)
  • Multimedia E-books (F 10) recording (first 10 minutes missing) and handout
  • Using Images / Creating and Using Digital Images (F08)
  • Jing Workshops: only one may be counted:
    • Jing - Creating and Integrating Video into Online Teaching* (Fall 09)
    • Jing - Communicating with your Students in Video* (S10)
    • Screencasting for Teaching (Fall 09)(S10 ff)
    • Show and Tell with Jing* (F10)
    • Jing - Show Your Students What You're Talking About (F11)
  • More Than a Passing Fancy: How Blogs Are Enriching Online Teaching and Learning (F11)
  • Ning - Hands-On Lab (S10)
  • Podcasting and Vodcasting: only one may be counted:
    • Podcasting and Vodcasting
    • @ONE Using Podcasting for Teaching
    • Get Over Yourself: Talking Head Video for the Morbidly Self-Conscious (S10)
  • Strategies for Groups (S11)
  • Students as Creators (F10)
  • The Zen of PowerPoint (F10) F10 video coming!

OT300 Technology Applications (1 workshop)
Faculty-led or AIS technology "how to" workshops

  • Blackboard 101 (S11)
  • Blackboard Wiki vs. External Wikis
  • Cool PowerPoint Tricks (S08), Taking your PowerPoint Lectures Online (F08 First Friday)
  • Elluminate for Read Time Onine Teaching (S09)
  • Get Vocal with Wimba (F 10)
  • Getting the Most from Moodle* (Sum08)
  • Giving Students The Bird: Using Twitter in the Classroom (F11)
  • Google Docs in the Classroom (S10 ff)
  • Google Forms (S11)
  • How Do I Fix That? (F10)
  • iPad Apps for MiraCostans 1.0 (F11)
  • Let's Make Movies with iMovie (S10)
  • @ONE Introduction to Teaching with Blackboard
  • @ONE Introduction to Teaching with Moodle
  • PowerPoint to Flash (S09)
  • Instructional Design Using Flash (S09)
  • Taking Your PowerPoint Lectures Online (F08)
  • Teaching & Tools: Jing, Crocodoc & Google Docs (S11)
  • Teaching with Tablet PCs (S09) or Tablet PC: A Flexible Tool (Fall 09) F09 video
  • Using ETUDES-NG (F08)
  • Using Moodle (F08)
  • Video and Audio for Online Classes (S09)
  • Podcasting (S10 clc)
  • Wiki Wonders (S09)
  • Mac Magic: Encoding and uploading your presentation (Fall 09)
  • Hands-On Workshop: Online Elements for Any Class (Fall 09)
  • Mac Magic: Oral-based assessment using video (Fall 09)
  • a-WIMBA-weh, a-WIMBA-weh: Wimba for Communications* (Fall 09) (S10)
  • Introduction to Moodle (Fall 09)
  • Creating Video (Fall 09)
  • Web 2.0 for teaching and student projects (S09)

teaching academyOT400 Experiential Workshops (2 workshops)
Focus on experiencing and experimenting in the development of pedagogy through web technologies

  • Drop-In Sessions (F08)(S09)(Fall 09)(S10)(F10)(F11) (can only count 1)
  • Online workshops (coming soon)
  • Faculty Mentorship (mentor or mentee) (can only count as 1)
  • First Friday: Online Discovery Workshop (F08)
  • Serious Play: Discovery Workshop (F08)(S09)
  • Web 2.0 for Teaching and Student Projects (S09)

OT500 Current Trends and Theory (1 workshop)
Critical exposure to current work in online learning

  • Adventures in Online Pedagogy (S10) S10 video
  • Current Trends in Online Teaching (F10) slideshow with audio coming!
  • Online Instructors Roundtable (S10)
  • Online Reading Group (or independent study reading/blogging)
  • Pedagogy and Current Technologies Brainstorm (F08)
  • Social Justice and Online Learning (F10) F10 video coming!
  • The Unconference Panel (or can be used as 100) F09 video

Electives (optional) these provide the opportunity to learn, and a starting point for commentary in documentation

  • Brown Bag Lunch for Online Teaching (F11)
  • Catch teh Wave: Explore MiraCosta's Professional Development Resources for Online Educators (F11)
  • f2f Face-to-Face -- all sessions (F11)
  • f2f Face-To-Face Get-Together about Online Teaching: Stories and Support (S11)
  • f2f Face-To-Face Get-Together about Online Teaching: Connections (S11)
  • f2f Face-To-Face Get-Together about Online Teaching: Experiences with Tools (S11)
  • f2f Face-To-Face Get-Together about Online Teaching: Online Class Design (S11)
  • Online Class Showcase (S09)
  • Second Life for Education(F11)
  • Ten Time-Saving Tips for Online Teaching (S09) (F 09 online) F09 recording
  • Using Online Resources for Professional Development (S10) S10 recording
  • Media Units: video and audio from many workshops is at the POT site.

Last updated 24 August 2010