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A “Faculty Inquiry Group” encompasses a broad set of practices that engage teachers in looking closely and critically at student learning for the purposes of improving their teaching, courses, and programs.

What’s a FIG?

MiraCosta FIGs

Reading FIG – supporting reading within and across the disciplines

Alternative Student Success Programs FIG– linked courses, accelerated writing or math courses, and first year experience

Phone FIG -- using smart phones and other technological devices to engage and enhance student learning

Accessibility FIG – expanding approaches for diverse learning styles and challenges

Alternatives  to Text Book FIG – creating source materials that are more relevant and effective for student learning

Maximizing Motivation FIG – invigorating intrinsic and sustained motivation for learning

Learning/Critical Engagement FIG – challenging students to deeper levels of understanding and analysis

Assessment FIG – classroom assessment techniques, SLOs, common exams, portfolios and alternative projects

Bridge to Resources FIG – making clearer and stronger connections between students and resources

FIG Resources

The Promise of Faculty Inquiry for Teaching and Learning Basic Skills: Summary of the FIGs for 11 Community Colleges.

FIG Toolkit

Windows on Learning -- Resources for Basic Skills Education Multi-media:  Web sites by participants in Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC).

Faculty Inquiry Network: FIG conversations from community colleges.

FIG’s Potential

  1. Provides a space for much-needed conversations within and across the disciplines

  2. Sets in motion a systematic approach to reflect and evolve your own teaching

  3. Provides new directions for curriculum design

  4. Supports the innovation and efficacy of co-curricular programs

  5. Generates a collaborative college culture

FIG Stages

FIG PowerPoint (downloads a PowerPoint file)