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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the MiraCosta Faculty Assembly website. This website was created by MiraCosta faculty, for MiraCosta faculty. This is not only your website; FA is our organization.

I say this not just to encourage a sense of collective ownership in this organization, but to encourage your participation. A wise AS President once said to me that when it comes to all things MiraCosta, the collective talent, experience, and intellect of the faculty cannot be matched. Collectively, we know this institution inside and out.

However, we can be stronger still by joining with the larger campus community to achieve our common, collective goals. From our College President and our Board of Trustees, to our administrators, classified staff, associate faculty, and student leaders, we have a uniquely talented and dedicated group of campus colleagues around us.

Very soon we will have opportunities to bring this campus community together to reach some very important, common goals. The FA supports the collective efforts to improve student success, fulfill accreditation requirements, and, when the time comes, provide the support for a successful bond campaign.

We've come a long ways in a short span of time. Here's looking forward to the great accomplishments to come.

Brad Byrom, FA President


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General Info: Brad Byrom

The Faculty Assembly has been working hard on your behalf, but we need more than hard work to do the job well. The FA needs legal expertise, travel funds, and various other items that require contributions from our members (all Full Time faculty). Contributing is quick and easy--and very inexpensive in comparison to costs associated with large unions.

Ombudsperson: Mary Gross

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