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The Art Department at MiraCosta College is the place to get your start in a comprehensive fine arts program. Designed to accommodate those just entering college as well as those returning, our offerings incorporate a diverse range of skills and creative strategies to help you extend your abilities and visual perceptions. All of our faculty are active, practicing artists in their areas of expertise.

We welcome students of all backgrounds to participate as art majors or academic explorers in any of our disciplines. Our courses provide a strong foundations curriculum that applies to any art related field. Also, as many of our studio classes are multi-leveled (repeatable up to three times for credit) you also have the opportunity for more in depth development!

Our two-dimensional studio program includes classes in Drawing, Painting, Life Drawing, Design and Printmaking. If your interests are three-dimensional, we offer a selection of courses in Sculpture, Ceramics and Woodworking/Furniture Design. Our Photography program offers courses in Beginning, Advanced, and Digital Photography. In the Electronic Arts, our digital media classes are in high demand. Presently they include Introduction to Digital Imaging, Adobe Photoshop, and Advanced Photoshop. The Art History track provides a series of transfer level classes that takes you from Ancient Art to Gothic, Renaissance to Modern, or Modern Art. Additionally, the Traditional Arts class introduces students to non-western art and Art Orientation provides a basic survey of art and its practices.