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Faculty Anna O'Cain
Drawing and Composition: Art 100
Design and Color: Art 101
Begining Sculpture: Art 103
Objects and Ideas in Contemporary Art: Art 201
Professional Practices & Portfolio Development for
the professional artist:
Art 295
Anna O’Cain is a studio art instructor in drawing, design and sculpture. She studied visual art at the University of Okalahoma, received a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the University of California, San Diego where she continued to work with hybrid media, experimental processes, and installation. She has been a recipient of grants from California Arts Council and Art Matters in New York. Performance actions taken from daily life, i.e. mending clothes, making pies, sewing felt covers for books in a library, and cataloging stories are elements in her installations work. Found objects used in her work often provide historical sources from which to begin the art making process. Sound, interactivity and electronic technologies are combined with more tradiional media in her work. Questions about learning, memory and record keeping (how we know, how we learn, what we remember, and what we forget) are at the center of her research and practice. With one foot in both physical and virtual worlds she is still amazed and excited about the hybridization of traditional and electronic media.
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